Shooters Union throws support behind political party

THE peak body representing gun owners has thrown its support behind One Nation.

Shooters Union Australia is actively trying to recruit volunteers to hand out how to vote cards in the lead-up to the November 25 election.

One Nation has candidates in Ipswich West, Ipswich and the new seat of Jordan.

Shooters Union Australia President Graham Park said the Labor Government's signing of the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) was the main reason he wanted to lend a hand.

Mr Park said the Labor Government had embraced legislation that would impose ammunition limits, close all shooting (rifle or pistol) clubs that don't shoot Olympic or Commonwealth events, remove junior licenses and disallow sporting shooters the right to hold multiple memberships at pistol clubs.

"Queensland Labor has flagged it wants to increase firearm regulations that will impact law abiding firearm owners, rather than criminals," Mr Park said.

"We've been talking with all the Queensland political parties to see which party is most committed to supporting law-abiding firearms owners' rights."

Mr Park said the Shooters Union's top pick for an Ipswich based candidate supporting firearm owner issues, was Ipswich West hopeful Brad Trussell, from Pauline Hanson's One Nation.

Mr Park said his organisation had called on volunteers and supporters to "help ensure firearm owners can make an informed decision at the ballot box."

 "Shooters Union has worked tirelessly with pro-firearm candidates across party lines. Legitimate firearm owners have had enough and are now looking for candidates, for Queensland Parliament, who are not going to diminish their rights," he said.

"We've identified candidates with a strong personal commitment to supporting law-abiding firearm owners - people passionate about cutting red tape that chokes shooters, but takes a hard line with firearm thieves."

The Shooters Union Australia represents the views and interests of almost 200,000 legitimate firearms users across Queensland, as well as gun owners in other states, by promoting the rights of responsible firearm owners, educating the public about issues and advocating for sensible legislation.

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