Shayne and Shorten to stop "vandals"

LABOR heavyweight Bill Shorten launched Blair MP Shayne Neumann's election campaign with a glowing endorsement for the sitting member.

Mr Shorten, Minister for Education and Workplace Relations, spoke to the QT at Mr Neumann's launch at Banjo's Bar in Ipswich where he also likened the LNP to workplace relations "vandals".

Mr Shorten, touted as a future prime minister, issued a warning to those considering voting for the LNP at the election.

"The wages aren't that high in Ipswich so why on Earth would you let a pack of vandals with their policy spray cans come in and graffiti upon workplace relations?" he said.

"These (LNP) guys have got form.

"Whenever they are in power they go after the conditions.

"Their basic proposition on workplace relations is that the leopard has changed its spots.

"But Ipswich people look at Campbell Newman and say 'There's the leopard's relative...and it has not changed its spots'."

Mr Shorten said Shayne Neumann "is a local member if ever there was one".

"He was born here, he was schooled here and he lodges here. He hovers over the electorate like Jiminy Cricket," Mr Shorten said.

"He is texting and ringing every minister, local councillor and influential citizen in Australia on behalf of what he sees as his heartland and special place.

"Shayne Neumann believes in jobs, better schools, better hospitals...and he believes that people shouldn't work hard in their adult lives and retire poor.

"He has a vision that Ipswich isn't just competing with Brisbane, but that it is competing with the rest of the world and that is the standard it should set for itself.

"Shayne also believes that a good society isn't just an economy, but that it is about communities and families."

LNP candidate for Blair Teresa Harding did not wish to comment on Mr Shorten's remarks.

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