The Voice host Sonia Kruger.
The Voice host Sonia Kruger.

Shame on you Porsche, it’s the last one I’ll buy

SONIA Kruger’s call for Australia to close its doors to Muslim immigrants could prove very costly as Porsche reconsiders its support of the The Voice host.

What do you think about this? Here’s what you said on Facebook:

Rick Greinke – This is just ridiculous. Porsche must be owned by Muslims, are they? Shame on you Porsche... It’s the last one I’ll ever buy. No more. On the bright, Sonia... a Hyundai commercial played just before the video started... give them a call!

Mark Beutel – Let them go. Like all expensive cars, their indicators, brake lights and speed controls don’t work. Better off without them.

Carrie Jackson – Good on them. They are an international brand. Don’t get stuck with a close-minded supposed ‘celebrity’ as your representative. Bad choice to begin with anyway.

Cate Carter – Update on your story QT - Paul Zanetti - Cartoonist (FB) just announced the “Sack Sonia Kruger” petition was at 4,800 signatures. The “Support Sonia Kruger” petition was now at 10,000 signatures. Sammi-Lee Horler – This suggests to me that the educated and open-minded people of Australia have better things to do than sign an online petition that realistically is not going to change a thing. Cate Carter – Update just for you Sammi, over 13,000 educated opinionated Australians this morning!

Moira Gabbedy – How about understanding that the Australian Coalition Government has control of who comes here PLUS the AFP are doing a great job (not perfect) of controlling extreme behaviour mainly because of the diplomatic relations between our Government and the Muslim community which has lived in Australia for ages in peace.

Bec Draper – She might have a right to her opinion but not necessarily to express it publicly without there being ramifications for her in regards to sponsorship and contracts and so on. She can be as fearful and ethnocentric as she pleases - and Porsche can be as liberal and protective of their potential customers as they please.

Joy Emerson – You must be kidding! Sonia Kruger is allowed an opinion of what she is thinking and believes. How ridiculous and petty. Does our country not allow free speech anymore or are Porsche being manipulated and pressured by the high people of the channels to do this to her, as a warning to anyone else dare not have an opinion. If we in Australia are doing this then Islam is winning. Sandie Mustchin – You are right. She is entitled to an opinion and like opinions everyone has one. Just because she flounces around on television does not make her judge and jury on this. She needs to understand that she cannot ride on Pauline’s coat tails. That the majority of Australia does not agree, and most of us know there is a huge difference between Islam and Muslim. Not all Muslims are terrorists or even outspoken and radical. Would it be the same if she no longer wanted returned service men and women in our country? Returned servicemen are responsible for the last two mass killings of police in America. And guess what, shock horror, they were not Muslims. Nala Terswa – Free speech doesn’t mean you get to say whatever you want without consequences. She is free to make stupid statements, we are free to judge her. That’s how free speech works.

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