EMERGE's Calen Le Couteur caught up with Nick Cavdarski, bassist of Brisbanes Shag Rock to talk about the tour for their latest single, Loosen Up.

C: What can you tell us about your latest single Loosen Up?

N: Loosen Up is the last single from our album, Barefoot, which we released earlier this year. We're treating it as a last hurrah for the album. The single itself is a different direction for us. We really wanted to create good live songs to end a set to. It's an upbeat song with big drums and a sing-along chorus.

INDIE MAGIC: Shag Rock's debut album Barefoot is available to stream and purchase now.
INDIE MAGIC: Shag Rock's debut album Barefoot is available to stream and purchase now.

C: How is the Loosen Up tour going?

N: It's been great. When we played Byron. it was great. Before that, we played in Adelaide, Warrnambool and Melbourne all in one weekend, which was pretty hectic. We got a great crowd down in Melbourne. We've always seemed to have a growing following down there which is great because that's also a great city for music.

C: Which gig has stood out from the tour?

N: Probably Melbourne, because of the amount of tickets we sold and the amount of people that showed up was really surprising.

C: Which song from your debut release Barefoot is your personal favourite?

N: My personal favourite is probably Lip Addiction because like Loosen Up its upbeat, it's got a great chorus, a great live feel to it and it gets the crowd going.


C: Do you have any hobbies outside of music?

N: Yeah we all like surfing and t going to the beach. We're pretty outdoorsy people so if we get a spare day on tour, we usually go find a mountain to hike up or a beach to hang out at.

C: On your bio, it states that on the Loosen Up tour you guys have been on the search for the best chocolate milkshake, how's that going?

N: (Laughs) It's going well. I can't remember our favourite so far. Usually the coastal towns have really good milkshakes but I'm not sure if they are actually that good or if you are just really hot from being in the sun and surf for so long that it tastes better.

C: Who are some of your favourite Queensland bands?

N: That's tough. It's probably a split tie between Violent Soho and Dune Rats. Dune Rats probably just get ahead this year because of their banging album and we play that non-stop in the van on tour. We love the Dune Rats.

C: Do you have a dream venue to perform at?

N: For me. it's always been the Riverstage because those were really the only gigs I could go to when I was growing up because they were pretty much the only all ages ones. It would be amazing to play there.

C: In October, you'll playiat The Red Deer Festival alongside The Preatures and The Kite String Tangle, what can we expect from that show?

N: We're really trying to up our production game for our live shows, because we used to just get up, play our songs and hope people liked us.

C: Lastly, do you have any other release plans for this year?

N: Not set in stone yet, but we're demoing at the moment and we'd love to have new music out at the end of the year to really promote for Red Deer and our upcoming show in the US. So hopefully we'll have at least one single by the end of the year.

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