Severe heat spike for city as clouds roll away

FIRST, here's the good news.

There's a good chance of a shower or two in Ipswich today.

The Bureau of Meteorology's six-day weather forecast shows a 60 per cent chance of rain, most likely in the afternoon, and the chance of a gusty thunderstorm in the late morning and afternoon.

Unfortunately the downpour is going to be accompanied by stifling heat, with the temperature testing the 37C mark.

But that's just the start of it.

The real concern is tomorrow as the mercury closes in on 42C - that's nearly 12C above the average February maximum of 30.4C.

It will be a day to spend indoors as there will be little to no cloud cover either.

Bureau forecaster Vinord Anand said the cloudless day and dry, hot conditions blowing in from the west will result in the temperature spike.

"The ridge currently sitting off the Queensland coast is weakening and the cooler easterly winds associated with this system will make way for these hot, dry westerlies," he said.

In fact, if you do find yourself outdoors any time this week, it's recommended you use sun protection between 8am and 4pm, with the UV index predicted to reach 14 (extreme).

Also, if you're one of the unlucky ones without air-conditioning during this stretch, overnight conditions could be uncomfortable too, with the minimum temperature hovering 2C to 3C above the average.

The news is slightly better from Thursday onwards, with the temperature dropping 8C, although it will still be a hot 34C with the chance of showers and a thunderstorm in the afternoon.

Similar conditions will follow on Friday, although the chance of rain will increase from 40 to 50 per cent.

By the weekend, the weather will edge back to normal, with temperatures on Saturday and Sunday forecast to hover between 32C and 33C.

One place to escape tomorrow's extreme heat will be Brisbane, with a high of 35C.

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