Queensland MPs unite against asset sales

Independent and KAP MPs to block state asset sale

A SMALL band of Queensland crossbenchers has sworn to block the sale of state assets and tear strips off the LNP at the next election.

Nicklin MP Peter Wellington was one of the state's seven independent and minor party members who signed an accord to formalise the plan on Thursday.

He said the LNP had undermined confidence in Queensland investment and voting for independents was the only way forward.

"It happens around the world . . . it's the cornerstone of local government," he said.

"There's no reason why we cannot have that same style of co-operative working together in our State Government."

Mr Wellington's fellow independents Liz Cunningham, Dr Alex Douglas and Carl Judge joined the loose alliance with Katter's Australia Party members Rob Katter, Ray Hopper and Shane Knuth.

The yet-unnamed partnership has 50 policy-aligned independent candidates on its books for the next election, mostly local government councillors.

Condamine MP Ray Hopper said Katter's Australia Party would only run 10 candidates at the next election, none of whom would contest seats held by policy-aligned independents.

"We want to help these members get up as much as we can, and that has not happened before in Queensland," he said.

"We will hold the balance of power after the election and we will not let these asset sales go ahead."

Blocking the sale or 99-year leasing of state assets is the alliance's first agreed policy.

Mrs Cunningham said voters had been brainwashed into believing asset sales - or 99-year leases - were the only way to balance the state's finances.

"It's up to the people of Queensland to have a proper say - not a coerced say, not a controlled say - but an informed and proper say in what happens," she said.

Mr Hopper said the group would launch a major advertising campaign closer to the election.

"It'll be out there. You wait and see," he said. 


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