Serial thief told to 'bring toothbrush' back to court

AN IPSWICH Magistrate warned a serial thief and trespasser who is banned from Riverlink Shopping Centre he is on a "razor's edge" and is one more misstep from heading to jail.

He was told to "bring a toothbrush" to prepare for imprisonment if he ever comes before the court again.

Craig Raymond Laycock, 32, of Ipswich, pleaded guilty to six charges in Ipswich Magistrates Court.

The court heard the father of three and disability support pensioner has a six-page criminal history and couldn't seem to keep himself away from the shopping complex, despite a ban.

On May 2, he found himself back at Riverlink and helped himself to an iced coffee and a couple of packs of socks from Coles.

He had trespassed in Riverlink on January 22 as well and a week later on January 31 he was found in the possession of oxycodone without a prescription.

On September 16 last year he was seen running a red light and police found he out he was disqualified from driving after stopping him.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Elmore said Laycock had extensive history with similar offences including 15 stealing offences, 12 drug offences and six trespass offences.

The January trespass and drug offences were committed while he was under parole for previous offences dealt with in court in December.

He was back in court in January and June, and was told he could not drive for two years.

Acting Magistrate Brian Kucks said running the red light only "drew attention" to the serial offender once again.

"These are all the actions of someone who doesn't want to spend time at home," Mr Kucks said.

"Your history is not conducive of remaining in the community."

The court heard Laycock's appearances for his recent Court Link program had been sporadic and Mr Kucks was not impressed when he read Laycock had said he had more important priorities than finding employment.

As Laycock tried to get a word in, Mr Kucks exclaimed "rubbish".

"Don't even chat back when you're in front (of me)," he said.

"I could give you a very structured program. You will be told when to get out of bed in the morning... and when to go to bed at night."

Mr Kucks sentenced Laycock to four months' imprisonment wholly suspended for 18 months and a two-year probation order.

"This is a sentence of last resort before imprisonment," Mr Kucks said. "There's no reason we should ever see you standing there (in court) again."

Convictions were recorded.

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