Senate voting is just a total shambles

I WAS in a state of disbelief, after a member of the cross bench in the Senate complained that the changes to how Senators are voted in, may be unconstitutional. Really?

It must be pointed out that the preferential voting system itself is unconstitutional and therefore illegal.

The constitution was followed correctly in relation to voting until 1918, when preferential voting was introduced. Labor and Coalition Government have done nothing to correct the situation, and now we see PM Turnbull working with the Greens to tinker at the edges of the Senate voting system.

The government of the day refers to the Australian Constitution when it suits their purpose. As do other interested parties.

Of course it is more than reasonable to complain that certain senators were elected after gaining less than 1% of the primary vote.

A way to ensure that fairness prevails is alarmingly simple. Australia should revert to the voting system that was in place prior to 1918!

The only way to legally change the constitution is by referendum and only then, where there is a majority of votes in a majority of states.

Unless of course one decides to change the voting system, to gain an advantage, or so it seems.

As is also quite clear, there will be a double dissolution election in mid-2016, at which the so called micro-parties will be swept away.

JOHN COYLE, Bundamba


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