QT front, March 21
QT front, March 21

SELLING OUT: Where to get the QT today

COPIES of today's QT are selling out fast as parents snap up the limited edition.

Today's QT has a massive lift-out with photos of 4090 Ipswich prep students. 

Here's where you can get a copy if none are left in your local shops. 

Brassall news has more than 100 copies left and at the QT we have a bit of a stockpile, so if all else fails, come here. 

The QT office is at 260 Brisbane St, West Ipswich


Where to buy My First Year 2018

  • North Ipswich news: about 20 copies
  • Nextra at Riverlink Shopping Centre: about 80 copies
  • Railway Station News at Bell St:12 copies
  • Vogue News on Brisbane St: about 10 copies
  • Booval News: about 7 copies
  • Nextra Booval: about 60 copies
  • Brassall News: about 120 copies


Records smashed for this year's My First Year liftout

IT'S the issue of The Queensland Times that every parent wants to get their hands on.

This year we've smashed all records with 220 classes appearing in My First Year for 2018. A total of 93 schools were involved in the 64-page feature, which is free with your Queensland Times tomorrow.

The smallest class consisted of just one student, while the average remains about 24 Preps per class.

The school with the most Preppies in 2018? That honour goes to Springfield Lakes State School that has no less than seven Prep classes, something that reflects the popularity of the area with young families.

Going to school is a journey that defines the person your child will grow up to be for the rest of their life, so don't miss this special keepsake.

Tomorrow's edition will be the single most popular issue of the Queensland Times for this year and demand is expected to be huge, so reserve your copy today at your newsagent.

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