Host Sonia Kruger tells Travis, left, and Ryan they will compete as a pair.
Host Sonia Kruger tells Travis, left, and Ryan they will compete as a pair. Paul Broben

Seeing double: Big Brother housemates arrive two by two

THERE will be double the drama in the new season of Big Brother.

The reality show's first dozen personalities entered the house tonight but in a surprise twist, and a world first for the brand, they were paired up to compete as duos.

Big Brother played his version of matchmaker in the show's 2014 launch, but not all the pairings are "good matches".

According to psychological profiles, only half of the six pairs are likely to get along.

"We are going to push each of the housemates to their limit," host Sonia Kruger said.

The other main feature of the new series is the balance of power in the house.

Indian-born teacher Priya, 27, is the season's first "Head of House" along with her partner Katie.

The pair will have to make decisions, known as power plays, which will affect their fellow housemates.

The other big star of the night was the Big Brother house itself, which was as colourful as the personalities now living in it.

The "Miami chic" décor featured bright and bold wallpaper in nearly every room, a bright pink bedroom, a second-storey diary room, a tree house and a mysterious glass enclosure standing in the middle of the pool.

So far the housemates range in age from 20 to 31 and have occupations including a radiologist, a nurse, a barista and a real estate agent.

Four more housemates will enter the house tomorrow night.


2014 Big Brother housemates (so far):

  1. Priya and Katie: These two strong-willed women are a bad match according to the Big Brother psychologists, but they "have the power" as the first Heads of House for the 2014 series.
  2. Jake and Gemma: With 29-year-old nurse Gemma standing at 6'6'', she and bespectacled prankster Jake are the house's odd couple.
  3. David and Sandra: At 31 and 30 respectively, these two are the oldest housemates so far and they're both single so perhaps sparks will fly inside the house?
  4. Dion and Jason: They might not seem like it on paper but straight-edge gym junkie Dion and flamboyant Canberra real estate agent Jason are apparently a good match and seem to be off to a great start.
  5. Skye and Lisa: It wouldn't be Big Brother without at least one gorgeous blonde in the house and these two are sure to hold attention when they undoubtedly sunbake by the pool.
  6. Travis and Ryan: These two 20-something dudes seem the most likely candidates for this year's Big Brother bromance. After high-fiving each other upon meeting, Ryan is already calling his partner "Travie".

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