Security guard shown gun and told: 'I will kill you'

A SECURITY guard who came across two men intruding near business premises late at night was threatened to be killed when one flipped open his shirt to expose a gun.

Alarmed by the threat and the weapon shown the guard let the man go.

But just two weeks later Deraine Turnbull, who made the threat, appeared in custody before Ipswich Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to series of charges.

He blamed his use of the drugs ice and heroin as being the trigger for his offending.

Deraine Tarmty Turnbull, 21, pleaded guilty to going armed to cause fear at Booval on August 24; three counts of stealing from stores in the Brisbane CBD ; unlawful possession of suspected stolen property; drug possession; unlawful possession of suspected stolen goods; and failing to appear in court.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Bernard Elmore said Turnbull had a short but relevant criminal history.

It included a Brisbane District Court sentence in May last year for robbery with violence; and deprivation of liberty, Snr Cnst Elmore noting the judge noting the offences were done in the face of a drug addiction, and warning Turnbull that his tendency toward violence would be a problem for him unless he stopped using.

Turnbull had attempted to control a woman and that was reflected in his action toward the security guard.

Snr Const Elmore said it was just before midnight when the security guard came across two males during a disturbance.

He walked toward one male, described as being of Pacific Islander in appearance and with a rat's tail hair style, then asked him for identification.

The photo on the card he was given did not depict the man (Turnbull) and the guard said he would have to keep it.

But Turnbull told him that if he told anyone about this he would go back and "I will kill you".

"He lifted his shirt and showed him a handgun," Snr Const Elmore said.

The guard felt fear and Turnbull walked off.

"His victim didn't know that the gun was (in fact) a gel blaster," Snr Cnst Elmore said.

Police sought a jail term of nine months.

Defence lawyer Jason Voight said Turnbull had lived between Australia and New Zealand, saying the catalyst for his offences was the use of methylamphetamine and heroin.

With his addiction starting four years ago - self-medicating following the death of his grandmother.

Turnbull instructs that on his release he would re-engage in rehabilitating himself.

Acting Magistrate Rob Turra said by threatening his life and showing the gun blaster gun, had the clear intent to cause the guard fear so as not to report him to police.

Turnbull was sentenced to nine months jail on the most serious offence.

He was given immediate parole.

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