SE Qld drug dealers: 19 peddlers of misery revealed
SE Qld drug dealers: 19 peddlers of misery revealed

SE Qld drug dealers: 19 peddlers of misery revealed

The southeast battled its biggest drug problem in nearly two decades when lockdown lifted in May, with a new generation of pushers who are using Instagram as their dial-a-dealer platform of choice.

Many turned their homes into major drug mail order operations or grow houses and meth labs, with the problem now so widespread professional chemical cleaning companies have warned tenants moving into a rental to get their property tested for drug contamination.

We take at look at some of the dealers who faced the courts in 2020 after the long arm of the law finally caught up with them.




Waterford West woman Evelyne Susanne Mullineux.
Waterford West woman Evelyne Susanne Mullineux.


She's 69 and volunteered at a Logan church, yet Evelyne Mullineux had a dark side other parishioners didn't know about.

Dubbed the "drug granny'' after A Current Affair filmed her in 2012 selling drugs from her veranda, "Ma'' Mullineux was charged with four offences after a search warrant was executed on her home in December, 2019.

She faced Beenleigh Magistrates Court in August where the court heard Mullineux was found in possession of more than 200g of marijuana, scales and a mobile phone.

She was jailed for 12 months for supplying and possessing dangerous drugs but given immediate court-ordered parole.

"I love seeing a person in a chenille dressing gown and fluffy slippers selling drugs, it's quite brazen," criminal lawyer Bill Potts told ACA when Ms Mullineux first sprang to public attention.

Her son Phillip Jamaul Mullineux, 50, faced the same court last year on two charges arising out of the search in December 2019 on his mother's Waterford West home.

He pleaded guilty to possessing marijuana and drug utensils, while on a suspended sentence for other drug offences.

The court heard he was first convicted of a drug offence in 1990.

Mullineux Jr was sentenced to three months' imprisonment with immediate court-ordered parole. Convictions were recorded.


Sean Anthony Armour.
Sean Anthony Armour.


The 30-year-old Logan man trafficked cannabis over a seven-month period, consuming the drug himself up to seven times a day, Beenleigh Magistrates Court heard.

The court heard he gave discounts to customers who picked up drugs from his home, as he didn't drive and otherwise had to employ couriers to make deliveries.

Armour supplied 10-15 people, mostly friends and acquaintances, regularly, and would purchase the drug himself every second day, the court heard.

He offered "incentives" for new customers, attempted to recruit others into his syndicate, offered cannabis "on tick" (i.e. pay later), chased unpaid debts, and made inquiries about sourcing better product.

He was released on immediate court-ordered parole and given a two-year suspended sentence after pleading guilty to trafficking in a dangerous drug, possessing a dangerous drug, possessing a drug utensil and possessing property suspected of being used in the commission of a drug offence.


Kyle Jordan Ellis was sentenced a drug debt-related kidnapping.
Kyle Jordan Ellis was sentenced a drug debt-related kidnapping.


Kyle Jordan Ellis, 23, escaped a jail sentence after he and his co-offenders Ryan James Ironmonger, 28, and Bobby John Condie, 31, were convicted of a drug debt-related kidnapping.

Brisbane District Court heard the trip drove the 25-year-old victim from a Strathpine house to an ATM in Morayfield.

Over 80 terrifying minutes, the man was told he would be killed if he did not repay his drug debt and was ordered to phone his sister for ransom money as a knife was "dragged" across his hand.

Judge Vicki Loury QC said it would have been a terrifying experience for the man and his family and that vigilantism would not be tolerated.

Ellis was sentenced to three years' jail, wholly suspended, and given immediate parole.

Condie and Ironmonger faced court in October on kidnapping, common assault and extortion charges.

The court heard they threatened the victim for three hours with a blow torch and pliers over his $300 drug debt.

Prosecutor Judy Geary said Condie forced a large pair of pliers into the victim's mouth, telling him "one of his favourite things was to remove teeth and fingernails".

Condie was sentenced to five years' jail and will be eligible for parole in March.

Ironmonger was sentenced to four years' jail, suspended immediately.

He was also sentenced to two years' probation.


Jaime-Lee Roberts.
Jaime-Lee Roberts.


The 27-year-old Logan ice addict sobbed throughout her sentence in the Beenleigh Magistrates Court for 49 drugs offences.

"She is hopelessly infested by drugs," Magistrate Brian Kilmartin said.

"She has no comprehension of the problems she's placed herself in."

The court heard the offences were committed between October 6, 2019, just five days after she was sentenced to 18 months' probation for further drug offences, and her arrest in September 2020.

In August, 2020 she led police on a 25-minute chase at Riverview and elsewhere while high on ice and amphetamines and travelling at speeds of up to 130km/h in a 60km/h zone.

She smashed through police vehicles when they boxed her in and drove on her rims after a stinger device was deployed.

Mr Kilmartin sentenced her to 18 months' imprisonment with immediate court-ordered parole.

She was also sentenced to 18 months' probation and fined $500.


Shane Robert Whyte.
Shane Robert Whyte.


Whyte, 40, was found with almost 1kg of marijuana and his own grow lab.

He even boasted to a court that he lived next to a police officer who had no idea of the offending.

The Bethania disability pensioner was charged with six offences including permitting use of place for the commission of a drug offence, producing dangerous drugs and possessing about 860g of marijuana.

Beenleigh Magistrates Court heard Whyte was busted on January 31 following a search warrant on his address.



In addition to the quantity of marijuana, police also discovered three marijuana plants, bulbs, pots and fans as part of a hydroponic set-up, a bong and digital scales, and two rounds of live ammunition.

The court heard Whyte had a three-page criminal history, filled with a litany of drug offences since 2000, including trafficking, producing and possessing a Schedule 1 quantity of methylamphetamine.

Whyte pleaded guilty to all six offences and Magistrate Kerrie O'Callaghan placed him on probation for two years.

Convictions were recorded.

Aaron James Coulam.
Aaron James Coulam.


A trafficker who sold ice and marijuana throughout Brisbane's bayside, the Brisbane Supreme Court heard Aaron Coulam had shown such "commendable" signs of rehabilitation he could walk from court a free man.

The 28-year-old forklift driver pleaded guilty to drug trafficking and possession after a police operation into drugs in the Wynnum area.

Police found he had sold ice, marijuana and MDA during two months in 2017 and two months in 2018.

Prosecutor Ron Swanwick said during the two trafficking periods, Coulam sold $2000 worth of drugs to an undercover police officer at the Waterloo Hotel and "street-level" amounts to about 30 people.


Jared Clissold.
Jared Clissold.


Clissold, 39, was a struggling businessman desperate for cash when he offered a scrap metal dealer $1000 to release a petrol tanker that was storing 5kg of marijuana.

In August, Brisbane District Court heard the bungled bribe led police to his door.

The court was told the "compressed petrol tank" was imported from Papua New Guinea in a shipping container.

Clissold, who had been alerted to the drugs by an overseas contact, had made arrangements to sell the drugs and went to the yard in July 2018.

The Bulimba father pleaded guilty to attempting to possess dangerous drugs and one possessing anything used in the commission of a crime.

Clissold was sentenced to 18 months' jail and ordered to serve three months behind bars.


Kerry-Anne Gordon-Smith.
Kerry-Anne Gordon-Smith.


The disability pensioner was running a massive drug trafficking operation from her home, selling cannabis up to three times a day, a court was told in November.

Gordon-Smith, 45, pleaded guilty in Beenleigh District Court to trafficking in dangerous drugs and possessing a thing used in connection with trafficking (a mobile phone).

The court heard Gordon-Smith's period of trafficking cannabis stretched from July 23, 2018 - August 23, 2019.

At the start of the period, she supplied cannabis as little as once a month, but by the point of her arrest, she was supplying cannabis "up to three times a day".



The court heard she had about 15 regular customers who would mostly buy "fifties" (i.e. 3g) or "Qs" (7g), but would purchase on occasions up to an ounce at a time.

She was described as an "unsophisticated street-level trafficker".

It was accepted by the court she sold cannabis to support her own habit and to "top up" her Centrelink payments.

She was sentenced to three years' jail with immediate court-ordered parole.

Convictions were automatically recorded.


Renee Cumerford.
Renee Cumerford.


A Logan mother-of-two, Cumerford was busted with dozens of cannabis plants and hundreds of grams of the drug in her family home.

Cumerford, 30, pleaded guilty in Beenleigh Magistrates Court to a single count of permitting use of place.

The court heard a search warrant was executed on Cumerford's former Cedar Vale residence in July.

A search found $2090 cash in the bedroom and in a back room, separated by a childproof gate, there was a large zip-up tent containing 22 cannabis plants.

Police also uncovered more than 200g of buds, a bong, grinder, scales, scissors, heat-lamps and charcoal canisters.

Cumerford was fined $1500. No conviction was recorded.


Terrance Wayne Cox.
Terrance Wayne Cox.


Police uncovered a hydroponic cannabis lab in Cox's house while out searching for another wanted person.

The set-up was found inside a spare bedroom on June 8.

Police were at the home looking for a wanted person, who had previously lived at the address.

But when Terrance Wayne George Cox, 47, opened the door police could smell cannabis and noticed the glow of a purple fluorescent light up the hallway.

In a spare room they found a growing tent, concealed by a towel, a fluorescent light, power cables and a thermometer.

There were five cannabis plants ranging from 20-50cm in height and chemicals and fertilisers in the cupboards.

Cox was charged with six drug offences including producing cannabis, two counts of possessing a dangerous drug, two charges for possession of items used to commit a crime and possession of utensils used in a drug offence.

He pleaded guilty in Redcliffe Magistrates Court on July 6 and was fined $1200. No conviction was recorded.


Jamie-Lee Bernhardt.
Jamie-Lee Bernhardt.


A judge told the pair they were "criminally stupid" for being conned into smuggling 59 strips of suboxone into Woodford Correctional Centre in November 2019.

Brisbane District Court was told security guards became suspicious after hearing a cryptic phone conversation between Boudar and her family friend, prisoner Ryan Colin Bell, asking her to visit and "wrap her birthday present three times".

Boudar picked up the latex-wrapped strips from Bernhardt and placed them in her mouth, only to be stopped by security guards as she entered the jail.

The pair's legal team said they made no money from the transaction and were just "lackeys" to Bell and Bernhardt's ex-partner, who was also behind bars.

"Each of you have been extraordinarily stupid, criminally stupid," Judge Ian Dearden said.

Boudar, 19, was sentenced to 18 months' probation.

Bernhardt, 25, who has a minor criminal history, was sentenced to three years' probation.

No convictions were recorded.


Mary Molloy.
Mary Molloy.


The former Commonwealth Bank teller and Instagram model's world came crashing down in 2018 when police raided her properties in Teneriffe and Newstead.

Molloy later pleaded guilty in the Brisbane Supreme Court to 18 drug charges including being a party to a drug trafficking operation and 12 charges of supplying cocaine.

The court heard Mollow began selling cocaine in 2015 and collecting drug debts for a drug kingpin.

The court heard the drug money paid the rent on her luxury inner-city home.

Molloy was given a suspended three-year jail sentence.


Emma Frances Savage.
Emma Frances Savage.


The teacher's aide was who was caught with $4700 worth of ice learnt the hard way that crime does not pay after she was hauled before the Supreme Court.

A court heard the 30-year-old was caught by police outside Morayfield Tavern in September with 14g of ice, $1400 cash and 27 strips of the prescription drug buprenorphine taped inside a headphone box.

She was fined $500 after pleading guilty to two charges of possessing drugs and four summary drug offences.

The court was told that her phone could not be analysed by police but the drugs were partly for a commercial purposes.

Savage spent 100 days in jail on remand, which had been a "sobering experience".

She was also sentenced to two years' jail, wholly suspended, and given immediate parole.


Sara Michelle Tucker-Francis.
Sara Michelle Tucker-Francis.



The 19-year-old mates were warned by a Cleveland magistrate to rethink their friendship before it got them into worse trouble.

drug utensils including a bong were ceased by police.

The pair was caught after police raids uncovered Tucker-Francis had been selling drugs to support her own cannabis habit and to pay for night clubbing, clothes and living expenses.

Her friend Madsen was caught with ecstasy, cannabis and scales, grinders and a bowl and scissors.

The pair pleaded guilty to all charges and were both ordered to serve 18-month probation orders. No convictions were recorded.




Originally published as SE Qld drug dealers: 19 peddlers of misery revealed

Bobby John Condie faced Brisbane District Court.
Bobby John Condie faced Brisbane District Court.
Breeana Madsen.
Breeana Madsen.

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