Scorned woman hits back

A WOMAN who trashed her partner’s caravan because she caught him with another woman has been told her actions were “understandable”.

The scorned woman was in court last week for the crime and was given a good behaviour bond.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard Kerry Lee Grantham and her partner had split up but had been trying to reconcile their relationship.

Grantham, 45, visited her partner at his caravan at the Marburg showgrounds on November 7, when he went out to get lunch.

But Grantham became suspicious after he was gone for half an hour.

Prosecutor Sergeant Jo Colston said Grantham went looking for her partner and discovered him at a female friend’s house at Lowood.

“She became angry and he threatened to call the police so she returned to the caravan,” Sgt Colston said.

Once back at the caravan Grantham sprayed shaving cream over his clothes and bed sheets, cut the cord of his kettle, damaged his television, ripped the showerhead from the wall, poured food on his bed and punctured the tyres on a horse trailer.

Grantham handed herself in to police and admitted damaging the man’s property.

“She said she did it because she believed she was being cheated on and she was angry,” Sgt Colston said.

Magistrate Donna MacCallum told Grantham: “It mightn’t have been the best thing to do but it’s understandable.”

Grantham, who had no prior criminal history, pleaded guilty to wilful damage and was put on a $400 good behaviour bond for four months.

No conviction was recorded.

Defence lawyer Shay Duce said Grantham and the man had been in a relationship for two-and-a-half years and she made the “stupid decision” to damage his property.

“On this day the suspicions that he was having an affair were confirmed,” Ms Duce said.

“This has been an extremely stressful time for her and she’s embarrassed to be here.”

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