SCORCHER: Record-breaking temps as QLD, NSW set to sizzle

AUSTRALIA is sweating through summer-like conditions with record-breaking heat slamming NSW and Queensland over the weekend.

Gatton in south-west Queensland broke its record for hottest September day, hitting 38.7C at 2.43pm.

Amberley had its hottest day since 1943 as it hit a maximum of 37C just before 3pm.

Sydney residents sweltered through one of their hottest September nights ever. The lowest temperature between 6pm last night and 9am this morning was 25.7C, according to Bureau of Meteorolgy Duty Forecaster Andrew Haigh.

This is a massive increase from the previous highest minimum temperature of 22C in 2003.

"It will be a while before all the data comes in to see how many records were broken but it does appear that Sydney may have broken its highest minimum September record," he told

The stiflingly hot night follows on from yesterday's first ever 40C September day registered in several locations across NSW, Wilcannia being the highest with a temperature of 40.5C.



Check out your maximum temperature this week:



Brisbane: 33C, Thursday

Bundaberg: 33C, Saturday

Caboolture: 38C, Thursday

Gladstone: 30C, Thursday, Sunday

Gympie: 37C, Thurs, Fri, Sat

Hervey Bay: 30C, Saturday

Ipswich: 39C, Thursday

Mackay: 30, Fri, Sat

Maroochydore: 34C, today and Thursday

Maryborough: 35C, Saturday

Moranbah: 37C, Tues, Wed, Thurs

Nambour: 37C, Thursday

Rockhampton: 35C, Thurs, Fri, Sat

Roma: 40C, Wednesday

St George: 39C Wednesday

Toowoomba: 34C, Tues, Thurs

Warwick: 36C, Thursday



Byron: 31C, Thursday

Coffs: 34C, Thursday

Grafton: 39C, Thursday

Lismore: 35C today

Tweed: 27C, Thursday


A total fire ban has been declared for much of NSW, with the abnormally hot weather, dry vegetation and lack of rainfall making for very dangerous fire conditions.

According to Mr Haigh temperatures during this time of year do flacuate "but not usually to the extremes we have seen in the past 24 hours".

The weekend also marks the beginning of the beach season and the return of lifesaver patrols with Surf Life Saving NSW reminding beachgoers to swim at patrolled beaches and between flags.

Queenslanders are also experiencing summer-like conditions. In Brisbane, the temperature gauge will just keep rising through the weekend, topping out at 35C in the CBD on Monday and not dipping below 30C all next week.

Brisbane's inland suburbs expected a massive 37C on Sunday.

But look further west, to Perth, and it couldn't be a more different story with gale force winds, thunderstorms, heavy showers and below average temperatures.

Despite being worlds apart, the heat in the east and the chill in the west are all part of the same weather system.

Sky News forecaster Tom Saunders said heat spikes were common before an oncoming cold trough, the trough that is about to wreak havoc in Western Australia.

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