School's fine on the road for children of the show circuit

SCHOOL'S IN: National School for Travelling Show Children (NSTSC) teacher Tyler Harris with her students at the Ipswich Show.
SCHOOL'S IN: National School for Travelling Show Children (NSTSC) teacher Tyler Harris with her students at the Ipswich Show. Rob Williams

THE EDUCATION of the children of travelling Ipswich Show workers is in good hands.

Their parents travel around the nation on the show circuit so the youngsters are not able to go to the same school, like many children.

But they are not forgotten.

The QT popped in on a lesson up at the Ipswich Showgrounds where young teacher Tyler Harris was conducting a lesson with her enthralled students.

Next week they will pack up and move on, but their schoolbooks and Ms Harris will be there to ensure they don't miss out on the education all children deserve and need.

Ms Harris is a qualified teacher with the National School for Travelling Show Children (NSTSC).

She has been to the New England, is now in south-east Queensland, and will eventually go to Darwin with the children.

"Education is just so important for these kids," she said.

"Their parents are great, and they help. But it is so hard for them to both work and educate the children.

"I love these kids. They are so much fun.

"They grow up on the showground and are like little adults.

"They have all got lots of personality and they love coming to school and love learning."

Ms Harris teaches children from kindergarten to Year 6.

The curriculum is co-ordinated by Dubbo School of Distance Education.

"All these kids have their own teacher back in Dubbo so once a week the teacher will ring and they will do either a phone or satellite lesson face-to-face," she said.

"I work in with the teachers from Dubbo."

There are three teachers in the travelling school who do the circuit.

Ms Harris said it was a sad time when she had to bid farewell to students who had grown attached when moving on to another group.

But she is ideally placed to understand show children.

"I compete with horses and I did the North Queensland run last year with my horses and my sister," she said.

"Her partner is a showman. He's got rides.

"A teacher left up north and they got wind I was a teacher and contacted me.

"I thought I'd try it and see how it goes and I loved it.

"I only graduated last year. I enjoy it, and it has taught me a lot, as you can imagine."

The QT had a chat to some of Ms Harris' Year 4 students - Oscar and Chivani - who were hard at work.

They both said they enjoyed seeing their friends, and recess and lunch, as all students do.

"I prefer running around the show, but I have to do my homework," Oscar grinned.

Oscar said he loved to write and that his stories were sometimes about show life.

Chivani said she enjoyed being taught by Ms Tyler.

"She's funny, and she is nice," she said.

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