Schoolie and police punched by a toolie

An 18-year old Townsville man is facing Proserpine Magistrates Court in custody tomorrow.
An 18-year old Townsville man is facing Proserpine Magistrates Court in custody tomorrow. Contributed

THE violent behaviour of an 18-year old non-schoolie from Townsville has cast a shadow over what has otherwise been a successful start to schoolies week in Airlie Beach.

At around 12.50am this morning, the "toolie" allegedly punched a 17-year old Mackay female schoolie on Airlie Beach Main St and fled as police chased him through the Safe Night Precinct.

The man went on to allegedly punch a police officer in the head, causing temporary unconsciousness and a laceration to the officer's lip.

Police arrested the offender who will face Proserpine Magistrates Court in custody tomorrow with charges of assault occasioning bodily harm, assaulting police and obstructing police.

Whitsunday Police Senior Sergeant Nathan Blain said this year's schoolies had otherwise demonstrated good behaviour thus far, reporting only a couple of minor alcohol possession issues and no criminal behaviour.

"We hope they have a great time and enjoy themselves and act responsibly we put a lot of work in to plan for their safety and they need to remember their end of the bargain," he said.

Whitsunday Regional Council director of Community and Environment Julie Wright reported that she was "more than happy" with how the schoolies had behaved thus and offered some words of advice.

"Stay safe, look after your mates, stay well hydrated, be careful in the sun, keep the sunscreen on and stay safe," she said.

Around 1350 schoolies were recorded at Airlie Beach as of midday today.

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