Salvos dishing up ideas to keep supporting vulnerable

FROM providing takeaway meals to launching a new Facebook page, the Ipswich Salvation Army is doing what it can to continue helping residents during these worrying and uncertain times.

Ipswich Core Officer Ashley Biermann and his wife Rita have been working tirelessly around the clock during the coronavirus pandemic, providing support and meals when it is needed the most.

"Sadly, because many places have closed down, we have transformed our community dinner night to takeaway night, which is on every Wednesday," Mr Biermann said.

"We are following the government's directive about social distancing very strictly, and there has been a few firm discussions.

"People aren't allowed to stay on site, only to come through and pick up their meal.

"We have been doing this for two weeks now, and have received some really good feedback, so it's working well.

"I am hoping what we are doing is a big help for these people."

Mr Biermann said the organisation was seeing some new faces reach out for help during the current health crisis.

"We haven't seen a huge increase in the number of people, just different people, ones we normally haven't seen," Mr Biermann said.

"We are still open for emergency situations, like emergency relief, on Wednesday mornings from 9.30am-12.30pm, as well as the same time every Friday.

"If you do need assistance, we ask you to call our own assessment line on 1300 371 288."

The couple also created a new Facebook page so they could reach greater masses of people at the one time.

"It's called The Salvation Army Ipswich, and we encourage people to go on and like the page," Mr Biermann said.

"The Salvation Army has long been a place of hope for many people during difficult times and it will remain a place of hope during these current uncertain times."

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