Rule change doesn't phase Kate

NO SWEAT: Kate Lutkins welcomes a new rule change to the AFLW competition in 2018.
NO SWEAT: Kate Lutkins welcomes a new rule change to the AFLW competition in 2018. Daniel Carson

THE Brisbane Lions have embraced a proposed change to the out of bounds rule in the AFLW, according to defender Kate Lutkins.

The rule change would see a free kick awarded to an opposition team should a legal disposal cross the boundary line without being touched.

The current rule awards a free kick only if a kick leaves the field of play on the full, or if an umpire deems the last disposal out of play as deliberate.

Despite the inaugural AFLW season being considered an overwhelming success, concern remained over the low-scoring nature of the competition despite sides fielding two-less players than the men's game.

A similar rule was introduced to the South Australian National Football League (SANFL) in 2016, and resulted in less stoppages and higher scoring matches.

Theoretically, the same should occur in the AFLW.

"We have something like 90% more stoppages per minute than the men,” Lutkins said.

"We've discussed it within our group, and we're pretty much all for the rule.

"Anything that makes the game more appealing and flow a little better (is a positive).”

Lutkins admitted it would take some time for players to adjust to the rule change.

But she believes it will not impact how she plays her game as a defender.

"I'm trying not to overthink it too much,” Lutkins said.

"We'll start implementing it at training as soon as the rule does come in, so we'll be prepared.

"If I just work on hitting my targets coming out of defence, then the ball won't have to go anywhere near out of bounds so it shouldn't change my game at all.”