Rugby a relative thing

IF you can follow this you're doing well.

Ipswich Rangers colts captain Alex McLean is the son of club head coach Mike.

Fellow Rangers player David McLean is the son of Mike's brother Jeff, the former Wallaby winger.

James and Thomas Dwyer, winger and fullback of the club are nephews of Mike, Jeff and Paul, perhaps the most famous McLean Wallaby (there are seven of them dating back to 1904).

Club captain Daniel Trevorrow is also a nephew of Mike, Jeff and Paul, being the son of Donna Trevorrow, their sister, who was also once the Rangers club president.

Oh, and Rangers manager Barney Dwyer is James and Tom's dad.

It sounds confusing but what it means is that the McLean name and Rangers Rugby will always be linked.

“It make's selections interesting,” Mike admitted.

“So far this year I haven't had to put the swords through any of them, other than sending my son back to Colts.”

Paul is better known in club rugby for his time with Brisbane Brothers, where he won numerous premierships and set point scoring records.

However Mike revealed an interesting fact recently.

While still at school Paul did play for Rangers and in 1970 was named best back for the club's third grade side.

Alex also started young at Woodend.

“He took his first steps here, literally,” Mike said.

While Mike loves seeing his son run around in the green and white hoops of Rangers, he would also like to see him have a crack with a Brisbane premier grade club.

“That's up to him,” Mike said.

Tom enjoys having his family around on the field and training paddock and believes having his brother on the wing is an advantage.

“I think it makes it easier,” he said.

“We know each other pretty well.”

There is no special treatment from uncle Mike however.

“It is just like any other coach really,” Tom said.

Tom admits rugby is a regular topic of conversation at family gatherings and he has received helpful tips, particularly with his kicking, from uncle Jeff.

Paul, on the other hand, says little and is not one to force his opinions on his nephews.

“Paul is pretty quiet,” Tom said.

Despite the rugby history in the family Tom said there has never been any pressure or expectation on the younger generations from above.

“That doesn't even enter into it,” Tom said.

Nor will it when the next generation of McLean family members start running around at Woodend.

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