Royal Commission into banking needed

IS AUSTRALIA'S economic and political system rigged in favour of the rich?

A few months ago if you asked that question - the politicians in charge would arrogantly call you a bludger or a crackpot.

Do you remember Joe Hockey's infamous, "Lifters and Leaners" speech and the Liberal's first horror budget?

However today, you only have to glance at the latest news reports - bank interest rate rigging, insurance scandals, bribes by big business, tax evasion worth billions, off-shore tax haven's, email leaks, corrupt political donations, criminal politicians - and believe half of what the media says, to know that Australia's economic system has been well and truly hi-jacked by vested interests.

That's why I support a royal commission into the banking and financial services industry.

Why are we paying $2 or $3 to withdraw our own money from an ATM?

Why are we paying some of the highest rates in the world for credit card interest?

Are our interest rates being rigged while banks make billion dollar record profits?

Only a royal commission can answer these questions and stop the rorts.

Senator Jacqui Lambie

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