Roosters search for answers

THE ROSEWOOD Roosters are in limbo and face an uncertain future.

That is why 20 people turned up at a club meeting on Monday night, including 12 players, to discuss the implications of the Roosters not having a side in the 2015 Ipswich Rugby League (IRL) second division competition.

The IRL wants the Roosters, Lowood Stags and Laidley to back the Valley Dragons club that was introduced this year to try and build an A-grade strength club in the region.

The Roosters play in the second division of the IRL competition and coach Michael Armstrong said the club's future looked bleak.

"At this stage it appears we don't have (a future) because the IRL are not going to accept the affiliation fees either for ourselves or Lowood," he said.

"The boys can decide to play with Valleys or somewhere else, because basically we were told that unless Valleys are a success we won't have a team.

"That is disappointing for the boys."

Armstrong said he had no issue with a Valleys side.

"But a couple of the boys said at the meeting (on Monday night) 'Where are we meant to go?'

"I said, 'There is an opportunity to play at Valleys or another club'.

"I don't see the rugby league management committee changing their mind. They are pretty adamant that (Valleys) has got to work.

"But everyone involved in our club, and I'd say it is the same at Lowood, are all volunteers

"They volunteered to be involved with something they have an affiliation with, but they (the IRL) want them to give up giving time to their club for this new venture.

"I think that is a big mistake that has been made."

Armstrong said the new Valleys wasn't sold well enough to all the stakeholders.

"At the moment the players are very resentful towards it because they have had their ability to choose taken away from them.

"They can't play for Rosewood or Lowood, and when people get told what to do they tend to arc up."

Rosewood secretary Alan Dale has written to the IRL to ask if the rugby league management committee, a QRL representative and Valleys Dragons committee and coaches could attend a meeting next Monday to answer questions from the players about their rugby league future.

Cr David Pahlke, who represents Rosewood, said it was important that the IRL attended.

"My criticism of the IRL committee is that it is all very well having a vision and a dream, but those guys should be out there with the grass roots selling it," he said.

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