Rodeo a 'night off from pain'

A FUNDRAISING rodeo will help rein in support for Grantham flood victims.

The adventure-packed rodeo will kick off at Gatton Showground from 6pm this Friday night.

Event organiser and former Lockyer Valley resident Myke Maroske came up with the idea after seeing the destruction recent flooding had caused.

According to rodeo announcer Mr Maroske, the seven-event rodeo will be the “best as you are likely to see on TV”.

The former Lockyer Valley resident was spurred into action after watching the fallout from last month’s devastating flood.

“We are aiming to hopefully give the people of Grantham one night off from the pain,” Mr Maroske said.

Seventeen people were killed when a wall of water tore through Lockyer Valley on January 10, the majority of people from the close-knit Grantham community.

Three people are missing and hundreds of people are homeless.

“I want to help people out there. You can’t even begin to imagine the terror that they went through,” he said.

Mr Maroske, his sister, Trudi, and Graeme Brown contacted Grantham Flood Support founder Nury Barros to get the ball rolling for the Grantham Disaster Relief Rodeo.

“It is the region in which Myke was born and spent most of his life and he is a cowboy with a heart of gold,” Ms Barros said.

So far Grantham Flood Support has raised more than $370,000 for residents affected by the disaster and Ms Barros is hopeful thousands more will be raised from the rodeo.

“We are still a long way off our goal of $1 million but with the help of our fantastic donors ... we should be able to do it,” she said.

The rodeo will be at the main arena of Gatton Showground with gates opening at 6pm. Tickets cost $10 for adults and $5 for aged pensioners and children.

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