Rocky man charged with molesting 11-year-old girl

A "DEPLORABLE" history of harassment, threats and intimidation has cost a Rockhampton man his freedom.

The accused - dressed in a blue and white flannel shirt tucked into black tracksuit pants with a double white stripe - is now charged with molesting a former partner's 11-year-old daughter.

He did not hand himself in when he found out a warrant was out for his arrest, daring police to find him.

They did - allegedly producing marijuana with his brother at Toowoomba.

Police will allege they found three plants in bins in the car port, 12 plants growing in an advanced hydroponic operation in a shed and seedlings in a spare bedroom.

The man, 45, argued in Brisbane Supreme Court on Thursday that he was living in Toowoomba reporting regularly to parole officers when the girl claimed he touched her 20 or 30 times.

"I haven't committed the offences, they'll be strongly disputed," he said.

"I have the right to be presumed innocent. I'm not guilty."

Justice Peter Flanagan said he had "no confidence" in the man not reoffending on bail and that his history of intimidatory and stalking behaviour made him an unacceptable risk of interfering with witnesses.

He said the risk was too high that he would obstruct the course of justice and that the safety and welfare of witnesses was in danger.

The court heard the man had previously pleaded guilty to sending naked pictures of his former partner to her family, sending numerous threatening messages, including threats to kill, and sending a home-made bomb device to her house.

On one occasion, the man sent more than 150 text messages sent over 17 days as soon as he was released from prison.

Amanda Robinson, acting for the Crown, said the man had a "deplorable criminal history in Queensland and interstate" that spanned 19 pages.

She said he had a history of harassing and intimidating people, including witnesses, and noted the convener of an anger management course was fearful of his safety if counselling continued.

Ms Robinson said the man was sentenced to a three-month suspended jail term in 2010 but "immediately" breached it by contravening a protection order.

She said the man told his former partner to withdraw her police statement and threatened to kill her.

Ms Robinson said once he was in jail, the man was sending letters to the woman telling her she should think of the consequences to dissuade her from going to court.

"Even while he's in custody, he's reoffending," she said. - APN NEWSDESK


85 offences in total

  • 11 harassment or threats
  • 18 breaching protection orders
  • 10 violence offences
  • 22 jail sentences

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