Rob Katter goes on dad's defensive over personal attacks

THE "bizarre" personal attacks suggesting Bob Katter is connected to the live cattle export ban are misleading and should be withdrawn, his son Robert Katter has argued.

Mr Katter Jnr said Queensland Premier Campbell Newman and National Parks Minister Steve Dickson were rewriting history with their comments under parliamentary privilege about his father this week.

Among a list of statements he claimed disputed the comments, he noted his father Bob Katter Snr had voted with the Coalition in 2010 during the balance of power vote and had called for the Gillard Government's removal after the live export decision.

"I refer to the assertion that in some bizarre way my father is responsible for or associated with the live export ban," he said in a statement released on Friday.

"This demonstrates either complete ignorance of the issue or politicisation of the issue, both of which are abhorrent."

Mr Katter Jnr and fellow Katter's Australia Party member Ray Hopper had asked the government during question time whether they would consider extending the deadline for cattle graziers to remove cattle from national parks in north-west Queensland.

The Queensland Government allowed cattle grazing as an emergency measure during the drought, which has not ceased.

In responding to the question, Mr Newman and Mr Dickson said they had advice that leaving the cattle there beyond December 31 would damage the national parks because all the feed had been eaten.

But the question quickly turned to live cattle exports and Bob Katter Snr.

"Let us look at the overall problem and how we got to where we are today," Mr Dickson said.

"There were two geniuses in Australia-one was called Bob Katter and the other one was called Joe Ludwig.

"What they did was destroy the cattle export industry in this country, with the great help of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard."

Mr Newman also blamed the Katter party's "silent inaction" on live cattle exports while they held the balance of power.

"The Katter party are sell-out people. They are shonks. They are shysters," he said.

"He is all hat and not a lot of head."

Nicklin MP Peter Wellington apologised, in parliament, to all Queenslanders for the Premier's "disgraceful barrage of abuse and ridicule".

He said he had heard many disgraceful personal attacks on people from state politicians during his time in parliament but believed the attack on Bob Katter Snr was "one of the worst I have witnessed".

When Mr Katter Jnr tried to raise the matter in parliament as a personal explanation he was shot down because it did not relate to him personally.

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