Flood of recklessness hits Ipswich

AS IF Ipswich’s emergency services didn’t have enough on their plate yesterday, they had to cope with reckless and foolish people.

Police reported drivers ignoring road closure signs and children swimming in the flooded Bremer River, sometimes watched by their parents.

Frustrated police watched people ignoring road closed signs on King Edward Parade and trying to drive through floodwater.

Three youngsters were seen riding inflatable mattresses down the river (pictured below right) and had to be chased and rescued by SES volunteers in a flood boat.

SES Ipswich area controller Arie van den Ende was angry his people were drawn away from their duties.

“Our crew was chasing the pontoon that broke free from the Bremer River near Cribb Park when we got a message about three blokes floating down the river on a tube,” Mr van den Ende said.

“They started at Brassall apparently and were picked up near the bridge over the Bremer River near Dinmore. We had to chase after them and bring them back in the flood boat.

“It endangered SES people’s lives. I’m not happy about it.

“They weren’t kids either’ they were young adults.”

He said eight teams of volunteers were spread around the Ipswich area yesterday, mainly sandbagging and cleaning out gutters.

“They’re all over the city - in Marburg, Rosewood, Goodna, Ipswich,” he said yesterday.

“We’re going to be busier and busier because there’s more rain overnight and tomorrow.”

Many roads were cut by floodwaters yesterday and more will go under today if expected further heavy rain arrives.

Police said motorists had to take extra care and call 13 19 40 to get information about road closures before undertaking road trips.

The SES suggests these precautions:

Don’t walk, ride or drive through floodwater.

Don’t allow children to play in floodwater.

Stay away from waterways and stormwater drains.

Keep clear of fallen power lines.

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