LATEST: Both lanes on both sides of Brisbane Rd were reopened about 2.15pm.

UPDATE 12PM: INBOUND Ipswich traffic is still being diverted away from Brisbane Rd at Bundamba following an early crash.

Parts of the round are open but there are still extensive delays.

A fallen power line was earlier dragged off the road but crews are yet to restore power to all impacted customers.

A crash at Bundamba
A crash at Bundamba Rob Williams

UPDATE 10.30AM: TRAFFIC heading into Ipswich is backing up for kilometres while Brisbane Rd at Bundamba will remain closed for some time.

An Energex truck is moving in to stabilise a  broken power pole so crews can secure low-hanging power lines that are stretching across both sides of the road.

It is expected to be some time before traffic can move through the area again.

A crash at Bundamba
A crash at Bundamba Rob Williams

UPDATE 10AM : A GENERATOR the size of a semi-trailer will be delivered to Bundamba this morning to power homes and businesses impacted by a power outage.

An Energex spokesperson said the supply should be temporarily restored at 9am but crews would be on scene all day.

The generator is expected to be able to restore power to all 122 impacted home and businesses.

The road is still closed.

UPDATE 9.45AM: MORE than 120 homes and businesses are still without power as Energex fix a broken power pole at Bundamba,

The pole is broken in half so crews will have to bring in a new pole and affix the wires to it before power can be restored.

An Energex spokesperson said crews were working as quickly as they could and  thanked the community for their patience while it was being fixed.

Power could be cut further as the works continue today.

UPDATE 9.15AM: A WOMAN who crashed her car into a power pole at Bundamba this morning has escaped with minor injuries.

Emergency services had to rescue the woman from the car after she was trapped.

She was taken to Ipswich Hospital for treatment.

INITIAL: MORNING commuters are encouraged to avoid Brisbane Rd at Bundamba after a car crashed into a power pole and live wires were strewn across the road and footpath.

The road is expected to be closed in both directions for most of the day as Energex work to clean up the scene and restore power to impacted households.

The pole snapped in half and fell to the ground just after 4am today when a female driver crashed her car into it.

Emergency services are still on scene diverting traffic.

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