Bid to protect Ipwich from flood

BRICKLAYING contractor John Glynn has floated an idea that he says could protect the Ipswich CBD from devastating flooding.

Mr Glynn, who returned to Ipswich after running a business on the Gold Coast, said he wrote to the city council about the idea.

“I saw the floods do damage here in the ’50s and ’74 and this is so simple to fix,” he said.

“I notice that the town still has the same problems that it had back when I lived here then. I am talking about the floods and the water that comes in the lower part of the town.

“This can be stopped so that the business people are not getting flooded at all and this will save millions of lost dollars every time we have a flood.

“I was in town watching the water; where it came in from the river. I was parked in Coles car park and I saw the water come in from Marsden Pde and then spread through the back of the shops and up and down Brisbane St to East St.”

He said the water entered the CBD via Marsden Pde after leaving the Bremer River at a spot called Devils Gully on King Edward Pde.

That could be fixed, he said, by filling in under the Marsden St rail bridge, with a reinforced wall beside the rail line.

The wall would have block buttresses on the Brisbane St side and would be built up to the underside of the concrete rail bridge.

“This would stop any water coming into Brisbane St and behind all the shops,” he said.

Council city works boss Trevor Nardi indicated the idea had some merit but said it would come down to cost and engineering.

“The first question you would ask is who would certify the structural integrity of the railway line for that purpose,” Cr Nardi said. “You would also have to work out the cost/benefit ratio.”

He stressed he didn’t want to pre-empt the findings of the state government flood inquiry.

“If we did go ahead with it, the council would have to make a business case and then put it to the State and Federal governments,” he said.

“It would be at least a couple of years before it got to that stage.”

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