Nestor Carbonell stars in the new TV series Ringer airing on Channel 10.
Nestor Carbonell stars in the new TV series Ringer airing on Channel 10.

Ringer a cat-and-mouse game

THE tables have turned for Sarah Michelle Gellar in her highly anticipated new TV role on Ringer.

Gellar, famous for playing vampireslayer Buffy in Joss Whedon's beloved fantasy series, is now the one being hunted in the noire-style thriller airing on Channel 10.

The petite blonde plays Bridget Kelly, who impersonates her missing identical twin sister Siobhan Martin, also played by Gellar, to escape the law and the mob.

Lost and The Dark Knight star Nestor Carbonell plays FBI agent Victor Machado, the

cat chasing Gellar's proverbial mouse.

"I thought it was an interesting, high-concept premise," he said.

"The concept definitely drew me (to the show), and the serialised format that I got to

work on in Lost. I had so much fun in Lost each week not knowing what was going to happen. I think I've fallen in love with the whole serialised format.

"I enjoy playing the moment and trusting the writers."

American broadcaster CW recently picked up Ringer, currently in production, for a full 22 episodes.

"We're into the ninth episode and there have already been a thousand twists and turns," he said.

"The show's doing well here. We've built a loyal, niche audience."

Gellar has been largely absent from our TV screens aside from the occasional guest role, and her regular voice work on animated series Robot Chicken, since her breakthrough role on Buffy.

She's a leading force on Ringer, working as a co-executive producer as well as the show's central character.

"She's handling it beautifully," Carbonell said.

"In the beginning she's in almost every scene, either as one twin or the other or one twin pretending to be the other."

Carbonell said it had been interesting working on the cat-and-mouse storyline.

"I'm comforted that I haven't quite cracked that I'm talking to the woman I'm looking for since her husband has been duped, and her best friend and her lover too," he said.

Agent Machado remains a mysterious figure in the series.

"We're discovering through his investigation that he's clearly passionate about this case, but we don't know why," he said.

"I'm good with sort of not knowing who I am until we need to."

Ringer - Ten - Sundays at 9.30pm

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