Right rein joining land of winners

IT'S a long way from Perth to Brisbane, but ex-Western Australian trainer/driver Michael Tenardi is probably thinking he has pulled the right rein in coming this way.

The stable rep, Top Flight Cruize, has had two starts at Redcliffe on successive Wednesday nights for an eye-catching second followed by an impressive "all the way” victory on Wednesday.

The winning margin was a widening 11.7 metres, the mile rate 1-58.7.

The five-year-old gelded son of Mr Aviator and Lucinda Lombo boasts stats of 20 starts for three wins, four seconds and three thirds with a bank roll of $18,643.

All in all, the trainer/ driver/horse combo looks set for a bright future in south east Queensland.

Tenardi must have made a geographical study of the area. He has chosen to settle in the lower Brisbane Valley, the land of winners.

It's a great start and we wish him well.

One for the diary

MODERN folk live a busy life and tend to plan their weekend social activities well in advance.

To this end, keep Sunday, October 22 aside for the Graham Harriott Memorial meeting at Marburg.

This will be great family fun day, incorporating "Octoberfest” with beer tasting from two boutique breweries, specialty food stalls, craft stalls and a super program of country trotting.

Whip debate latest

THE much debated whip use issue continues to tread water with a final rule somewhere in hazy future.

The following is an update from Harness Racing Australia's Geoff Want.

"There is no doubt whip use is now an issue throughout the harness racing world, with administrators in most member countries of the International Trotting Association expressing their concern at the recent World Trotting Conference in Canada.

"Apart from Norway, where whips have been banned in racing for many years, most countries concede reform of whip actions is imperative.

"In Sweden, there was a huge outcry after the Hambletonian was televised recently, even though the iconic race at the Meadowlands was won by a Swedish horse, Perfect Spirit.

"Viewers felt the Swedish driver used the whip too much and staged a protest at their major track, Solvalla, the first such protest in Swedish harness racing in more than a decade.

"As a result, Swedish authorities are considering a ban all coverage of United States harness racing in what is a lucrative market for the American product.

"Significant voices in the US are now also acknowledging that community expectations are relevant to whip use.

"One of the most highly regarded and awarded drivers in North America, the recently retired John Campbell, speaking at the Conference Symposium, explained that while he believes strongly in retaining the whip for safety purposes, it had been his long held view that one handed whipping should not be allowed - nor should raising the whipping arm above the shoulder.

"No one country is immune to global community expectations and we must continue to explore means of securing the sustainability of our industry. I'm sure that, with the same foresight and goodwill already shown in Australia, we will continue to grapple with this difficult but vital issue.

"As we put the detail to a possible wrist-only rule, we should keep in mind that our decisions are for the sake of our industry, to attract new young entrants, and to stay vibrant and viable.''

My view is we have explored enough.

HRA should put in place a rule combining hand, rein and restricted wrist action with severe penalties for abuse of the rule.

We have excellent patrol films to identify this abuse. All we need now from our stewards panels is the will to stamp out the practice, now and in the future.

An interesting issue on the matter of risk emanating from use of the angled mobile barrier is the need to widen the gap between the number brackets on the arms to compensate for the reduction in width when the barrier is angled across the lines of travel of the barrier vehicle and the horses, which are a series of parallel lines.

Check it out.

Handy tips

SELECTIONS for Albion Park tonight.

R1: Box trifecta 1-2-8: Karloo Ten Seventy (C. Owen)-Written In Red (Madi Dux)-Likeallofus (L. Cain).

R2: E/w 2: The Charging Moa (P. McMullen).

R3: E/w3: Majestic Mach (T. Dixon).

R4: E/w 1: Lenny The Legend (C.Owen).

R5: Quinella 2-3: Sports Chaton (T. Dixon) and Living Grand (H. Barnes).

R6: Quinella 1-4: Crowning Glory (M. Elkins) and Surface To Air (G. Elkins).

R7: E/w 1: Wicked Time (L. Cain).

R8: Quinella 2-3: Secret Smile (D. McMullen) and Midnight Prowler (M. Neilson).

R9: Quinella 1-7: The Space Invader (N. McMullen) and Avonnova (P. McMullen).

R10: Box trifecta 2-4-6: Giacomo (I. Ross)-Our Overannova (T. Dixon)-Monorail (R. Jenkins).

Honour board

The leader board shows Darrell Graham to be the top trainer with five winners for the week. Nathan Dawson clawed his way back onto the drivers podium at seven wins, on schedule for another century-topping season. Meanwhile, with 28 of the 40 races run and won this week, the Ipswich footprint had a 70% presence in Victory Lane.

Albion Park, September 15: Soi Cowboy (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen); Culley Backy (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham); Ferdinand (Chantal Turpin); Horace Foxley (Trent Dawson for Tahn Camilleri); Ocean Predator (Nathan Dawson for Greg Elkins).

Albion Park, September 16: Watch Pulp Fiction (Chantal Turpin); Franco Totem (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham); Blue Pointer (Matt Elkins for Mark Dux); Tallyho Bromac (Nathan Dawson for Ian Gurney); Rory Mach (Darrell Graham); Annika Magic (Matt Elkins for Kerry Smith); Riverleigh Jeff (Steven Doherty for Tess Neaves).

Albion Park, September 19: The Charging Moa (Pete McMullen for Shane Graham); Django Mach (Narissa McMullen); Subtle Delight (Nathan Dawson for Terry Hancock); Glenferrie Boss (Gary Whitaker for Trevor Lambourn); Jack Hammer (Trevor Lambourn).

Redcliffe, September 20: Win Or Die (Nathan Dawson for Gary Vernon); Riverleigh William Hayden Barnes for Josh Moore); Little Lizzie Jove (Nathan Dawson for Mitchell Dawson); Top Flight Cruize (Michael Tenardi); Flashing Good Time (Hayden Barnes for John McMullen).

Redcliffe, September 21: Got The Moon (Nathan Dawson for Donny Smith); I'm rolling Stoned (Narissa McMullen for Richard Hutchinson); Drive The Dream (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham); Vanto Hanover (Nathan Dawson for Aileen Smith); Ernie Barrasso (Pete McMullen for Nick Pugliese); Razen Trouble (Adam Richardson for Darrell Graham).

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