SHE'S adorable, quirky, full of life and very loved but Pomeranian Holly has been missing for more than a month.

The six-year-old pooch was on holiday at a North Booval home in June while her owners worked overseas when she went missing from the yard.

Pomeranian Holly is missing.
Pomeranian Holly is missing. Contributed

Holly has not been seen since and owner Maggie Cahill is frantic to have their pooch home where she belongs with her family.

Holly is not at the vet, at the council pound or with the RSPCA and after weeks of searching, Ms Cahill can only assume someone has taken the dog home with them.

"Any breed that is that small and cute is very popular, somebody must have seen her and picked her up because she would have been asking for cuddles," she said.

"Probably whoever picked her up fell in love with her and kept her.

"Wherever she is we hope she is being taken care of but we want them to know how much we adore her and love her and miss her and need her home with us."

Holly might be full of life and easy to love but to Ms Cahill and her partner, she has been a constant support while the couple were separated as they both worked overseas and also while Ms Cahill's partner battled a serious illness.

"I could deal a lot better with my partner's diagnosis and we would both feel more secure about what is facing us if our little family was back together," Ms Cahill said.

"She just blew us away with her adorable little quirky personality, we are a little family and Holly made that happen for us.

"Having her gone has made a huge hole and coming back from overseas knowing she was missing and we didn't know when she was coming back was incredibly difficult."

Ms Cahill has offered a $1000 reward for Holly's safe return or for any information that leads to finding her.

"We are desperate to get her back, we love her so so much, she has a home with people who really love her and would do anything for her," she said.

Have info? Contact 0422365061 or margaret.elizabeth. or see Help Find Holly on Facebook.

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