A ONE-LANE road down Nicholas St will be the first part of the new $150 million CBD redevelopment to be built.

Ipswich City Council CEO Jim Lindsay said that was slated to start in the second half of 2017. Mr Lindsay has given the QT a time frame, which our readers have been asking for, on when the Ipswich City Square redevelopment works will be undertaken.

"That (one-way) road will go in first all the way to Union Place along with the redevelopment of the linkage between Nicholas St and Bell St," Mr Lindsay said.

"That linkage will include green space and interesting food and beverage and that is a future development space and is temporary.

"That is a potential commercial site down the track.

"But it is an important linkage, particularly during the three years of redevelopment of stage one at the northern end (of the redevelopment).

"It will allow a linkage for all people who trade here and who will stay open."

Mr Lindsay said the plan was to have that stage finished by Christmas of 2017.

The next stage of the redevelopment will be the library, council administration building and civic space at the river end of the redevelopment, which is planned to start late in 2017 and be completed in the third quarter of 2019.

The third stage of the redevelopment on the corner of Ellenborough St and Brisbane St will be done after 2019. Mr Lindsay said that could "potentially be residential, accommodation and retail". Retailers in the CBD redevelopment zone will experience inconvenience, but Mr Lindsay said they had not been forgotten.

"We are spending $250,000 over the next few months," he said.

"There is a big TV screen and Christmas decorations and there are other things we are doing to drive amenity.

"We will try to stage some event programming which will make a big difference.

"But the truth is it is not going to be easy. It is a construction zone and that comes with challenges. We will work with the traders and we understand their issues."

CBD councillor Andrew Antoniolli said he was confident the CBD plans would "completely transform the mall from what we see today" and that they respected Ipswich heritage.

"The design elements are drawn from the industrial, environmental and the architectural past of Ipswich," he said.

"Larges shaded areas will give respite from the summer heat. They have been inspired by the veranda and the shade tree to be key elements in the design.

"The families of Ipswich are the real winners."

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