Andrew Antoniolli and his wife Karina were gifted accommodation and hospitality in Taiwan.
Andrew Antoniolli and his wife Karina were gifted accommodation and hospitality in Taiwan. Rob Williams

REVEALED Mayor gifted Taiwan room upgrade, rice wine and art

IPSWICH Mayor Andrew Antoniolli has added a suite of gifts and accommodation upgrades to his register of interests after an eight-day trip to Taiwan.

In March, Cr Antoniolli met with industry leaders, attended cultural and civic engagements as the head of a delegation, which included the mayoress.

An update to the mayor's register of interests revealed he received gifts, hospitality upgrades and dinner while overseas.

Dignitaries and representatives of Nantou and Hsinchu Counties in Taiwan provided the mayor with "traditional Taiwanese gifts, rice wine, art and body care items".

A delegation from Ipswich was invited to the Smart City Mayor's Summit, an "exclusive occasion" where mayor-level officials from all corners of the globe gather to develop smart practices.

The Nantou County Council and Taipei Computer Association provided the Antoniolli's accommodation during their international travel.

A room upgrade and hospitality was provided by the Hsinchu County Council for three nights.

The hosts' offer of complimentary conference airfares and accommodation kept the council's travel and accommodation budget at $2780.

The Local Government Act states a councillor must update their register of interest within 30 days of the interest arising or the change happens.

Cr Antoniolli said the "grey" legislation prompted him to make public the gifts received during the delegation.

"I would rather have it in my register than not," he said. 

"There will be a report coming to council in the coming committee rounds, which will detail everything from that trip to Taiwan.

"It was very low cost."

The mayor said outcomes from the visit would soon be revealed, with the delegation particularly interested in Taiwan's recycling technology.

"The Taiwanese counties, which we have a sister relationship with and us as Ipswich City Council, have reinforced the fact that we need to make these sister city arrangements mutually beneficial and there needs to be outcomes," he said.   

Cr Antoniolli and his wife Karina dined with councillor David Martin and wife Jacqui, with the dinner added to the mayor's register.

On the Gold Coast Cr Antoniolli and the mayoress received accommodation, hospitality and two tickets to the Commonwealth Games volley ball courtesy of the Star Entertainment Group.

They both also received tickets to an exclusive cocktail reception on April 6.

He also registered as a member of the Lions Club of Ipswich.

Division nine's Sheila Ireland was the only other councillor to update her register of interests in April.

She received two tickets to a concert courtesy of the Ipswich Symphony Orchestra.

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