BIG MONEY: University of Southern Queensland information systems Professor Raj Gururajan says IT professionals work hard for their money.
BIG MONEY: University of Southern Queensland information systems Professor Raj Gururajan says IT professionals work hard for their money. Contributed

REVEALED: Jobs that make the most cash

THE highest paid jobs in the workforce belong to those how know how to make keyboards work and the internet go faster.

Information and communication technology architects beat politicians and doctors to top place in Australia's highest paying jobs.

The average salary grew 2% in the past year, according to job website Seek, up to $137,707.

It's well above the average salary in Queensland which grew 1.9% in the past year to $78,721.

General practitioners didn't make any more than they did the previous year, taking home on average just under $130, 000 a year.

University of Southern Queensland information systems Professor Raj Gururajan said their pay packets were well-deserved.

"They work with both hardware and software so they define the architecture of the computer system. They work with the hardware and the software the drives the hardware," he said.

"People in the domain should understand a number of things, how the computer system actually functions in the network and the internet environments and that requires a very intricate knowledge of software that people use all over the world and also how that software behaves on the internet.

"Because of the complex knowledge and understanding of how things work people are paid reasonably high for that complex skill."

He said tech-sperts had to combine IT knowledge with an understanding of business processes.

"For example, in the NBN, it's just a road and the software decides what kind of car you want to drive on the road, how fast you want to go on the road. That's where software solution comes in," Prof Gururajan said.

"They also need to be able to understand a particular business and then table the solutions to suit that business. It means jobs are in high demand and demand is always driving salary."

The title of information and communication technology architect is hardly an age-old one.

It has been developed as modern computer technology adapts to how businesses work.

The masterminds who make it work used to be called nerds.

This has since evolved into software genius, software developer, and then computer architect and analysist.

"There are so many different branches within that IT employment area. Depending on what they study, the type of jobs will have a different culture," Prof Gururajan said.

According to a recent Quality Indicators in Learning and Teaching survey, USQ information and communication technology graduates were commanding a salary of anywhere between $60-65,000 soon after graduation.

Prof Gururajan said that had the potential to grow to well in excess of $100,000.

"This is the starting salary.

"If they go along and have 10 to 12 years of experience, people can easily clock up more than $100,000 a year," he said.

Want to earn more money? Learn how a computer works.

The mid-year check-in of average advertised annual salaries on Seek has revealed information and communication technology architects are the top earners in Australia.

Seek spokesperson Kendra Banks said an increased dependency on information communication systems was driving greater demand for highly-skilled professionals.

"It's no surprise that the ICT architect job was the highest advertised salary on seek in the last financial year," Ms Banks said.

"More and more businesses are relying on technology and software solutions to support their operations.

"Businesses require the highly technical skills of ICT architects to organise and manage these assets so that's why it commands a high salary."

They don't built physical things but ICT architects have a complex understanding of how to build software.

ICT architects, also commonly known as solutions architects, have an ever-evolving role with diverse requirements.

According to Seek the core responsibility of an ICT architect is to act as the link between a company, its stakeholders and specialist designers to improve the IT systems and networks of a company.

In addition to having a technical background, some of the key transferable skills ICT architects need include problem solving, critical thinking and stakeholder management.

"Behind ICT architects, at a national level, management roles across engineering and mining resources and energy were the next highest paying jobs on Seek," Ms Banks said.

"These management roles directly support the growth and prosperity of our nation, and professionals in these positions are being highly remunerated to manage and build teams to deliver the needs of businesses.

"Improved demand from infrastructure projects and residential construction on the eastern seaboard, as well as some turnaround in mining investments, are other likely drivers of high salaries for managers in the engineering industry.

"High salaries across mining management reflects recent improvements in mining conditions and the pick-up of exploration activity by mining companies as they aim to maintain production levels."

Top five highest paying jobs

Information communication technology architects - $137, 707.

Engineering management - $133, 530

Mining, resources and energy management - $133, 169

Information communication technology management - $129, 903.

General practitioners- $129, 635

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