Ipswich MP Jennifer Howard. Picture: Kevin Farmer
Ipswich MP Jennifer Howard. Picture: Kevin Farmer

Residents urged to report stink as hearsay muddies waters

RESIDENTS copping wafts of bad smells around Ripley and Swanbank have been encouraged to continue reporting the issue to the Odour Abatement Taskforce.

Ipswich MP Jennifer Howard said the bad smell had been hanging around as an ongoing problem for decades.

"It's the first time that the Queensland Government has had a body whose sole purpose is to resolve this issue once and for all," she said.

"There's always been a lot of anecdotes about where the odours are coming from and hearsay, but what we really needed was a really concerted effort around proactively reworking a solution to that issue."

While many believe the smell is coming from landfill operators, Ms Howard said none of the landfill operators had received any infringement notices or environmental evaluations in relation to odour nuisance.

"There's been 19 formal warnings, 10 penalty infringement notices, 12 notices requiring provision of information and they've also issued $106,044 worth of fines to waste industry operators through those penalty infringement notices,' she said.

"There have been two environmental evaluations done, one to Wood Mulching Industries and one to NuGrow."

More than 4100 community reports have been received since the taskforce was launched and more than 230 inspections have been completed by the field response officers.

"Their sole job is to investigate and respond to the odours and other environmental nuisances in and around the Swanbank area," she said.

"Every single report that is lodged by the community, is really useful to the taskforce, so I would strongly encourage people to just keep reporting.

"My understanding is that the odour abatement taskforce is going to be setting themselves up in the Ripley Town Centre area."

When asked how long it would take to find a solution to the stench, Ms Howard said there were some legalities that needed to be taken care of first.

To make a report to the Odour Abatement Taskforce phone 1300 130 372.

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