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Residents urged to 'get ready' as disaster program launches

THE Minister for Community Recovery and Resilience David Crisafulli has urged all Queenslanders to start preparing now ahead of the disaster season.

Mr Crisafulli, responding to a question without notice during question time in State Parliament on Tuesday said everyone needed to get behind the Get Ready program which was launched this week.

"I know we all live busy lives, but a few minutes now can save a lot of heartache in the future," he said.

"It is too late to look at an evacuation plan when water is licking at your floorboards.

"It is too late when fire is touching your roof.

"Now is the time to make those decisions and think clearly when you have the opportunity to make those assessments."

Mr Crisafulli said people needed to take responsibility now to avoid emergency services being overburdened during a disaster.

"We are asking people who are able bodied to put the things you need in place now," he said.

"We do not want the SES to have to be doing things in a diaster that could have been done now by people who are capable.

"By all means the SES is there when the chips are down, by all means for everybody.

"But I would rather see those orange uniforms helping the frail, disabled and those who can not help themselves rather than someone who is able bodied and should have put plans in place earlier."

For further information visit http://www.disaster.qld.gov.au/getready

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