Scorching 37C for Ipswich as summer arrives early

AS IPSWICH residents prepare for another scorching 37 degree maximum today, forecaster Weatherzone has confirmed the region is already in the midst of summer conditions.

In the first 25 days of October, Ipswich has already recorded 13 days over 30 degrees while receiving less than one fifth of the average monthly rainfall.

The mean average temperature of 29.5 degrees is two degrees above average and a key reason the region has experienced such a busy bushfire season.

"It certainly been a hot, dry month in Ipswich," Weatherzone meteorologist Melissa MacKellar said.

"The 39 degree maximum on October 20 was Ipswich's hottest October day since 2005.

"There will be some relief on Saturday afternoon but it will be back into the mid-thirties by Wednesday next week."

Despite the unseasonably hot and dry conditions, the prediction of a hot dry summer has eased after the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) yesterday changed the summer outlook.

The BoM confirmed an unusual retreat from El Niño conditions over the past several weeks now pointed towards average rainfall for the coming months.

The change in forecast means Ipswich residents should experience a normal summer storm season and an easing of the dangerous bushfire conditions so prevalent over the last two months.

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