Governance review into Ipswich City Council made public

A REVIEW into the administrative workings of Ipswich City Council has been made public.   

The Governance Review, commissioned before the August 19 mayoral by-election, made 19 recommendations for change.    Ipswich City Council adopted all those 19 recommendations at last week's council meeting.   

The review, commissioned by the now suspended council CEO Jim Lindsay, was conducted by Gary Kellar who will soon step into the role of acting CEO.   

Mayor Andrew Antoniolli said publishing the review in full allowed the community to see for itself the recommendations for change.  

"The review was completed by respected local government administrator Gary Kellar who has since agreed to take on the role of acting CEO at Ipswich City Council," Cr Antoniolli said.  

"It made 19 recommendations for improved transparency and governance, all of which were adopted with the full support of councillors at last Tuesday's ordinary council meeting.  

"Now the recommendations have been formally adopted by council, the work necessary to implement them can be undertaken.   "I expect most will be put in place quite quickly, certainly before the end of the year."  

Click here to read the full report 

Among the recommendations was a move to abolish 'secret' boards within the council.  

The abolishment of the boards signifies significant change regarding transparency around council activity.  

At present, Ipswich ratepayers have very limited access to information on council decisions within meetings, committee meetings and board meetings.  

Items can easily be moved from committee meetings, which are generally open to the public to attend, into confidential board meetings, which are not open to the public.  

By the time those decisions make it to the public domain, the details are reduced to a motion similar to 'the council agrees to adopt the latest report from a committee'.  

No agendas or minutes are publicly available for committee meetings, however, under these new recommendations that will change.  

Other items within the report include changes to councillors' expense claim declarations improving the accessibility to councillors' register of interest and changes to how charitable donations are made throughout the divisions.  

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