Sunshine Coast University Public Hospital
Sunshine Coast University Public Hospital Mark Furler

Report card on hospital delivery reads late and expensive

TWO years late and more than twice the cost.

That is the Queensland Auditor-General's assessment of the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

The independent report into the planning and construction of the SCUH, Gold Coast University Hospital and Lady Cilento Children's Hospital, found costs blew out after no business case was made prior to the hospitals being announced.

The report, tabled in parliament yesterday, found the two-year delay of the SCUH meant more beds would be provided but the hospital cost double what was initially planned.

Including maintenance, until all beds are opened before 2022, the hospital will cost $1.87 billion, almost twice the original $940 million price tag.

But the SCUH was the only new hospital to undergo a procurement assessment, which the audit found provided "significantly higher than average value for money outcome for projects of this nature".

The report found the hospital's business case was completed in April 2011, years after the announcement in 2006, but based only on one option.

An announced two-year delay allowed the Queensland Government to find a better public-private partnership.

The SCUH was increased from a 507-bed to a 738-bed hospital, with all beds to be opened by 2022.

The report found the three hospitals cost $2.2 billion more than initially announced.

But it also stated they would provide a vital service when completed.

The report stated the delays on the three hospitals cost Queensland Health $170 million on providing interim patient solutions.


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