Repeat offender jailed after stolen BMW chase

POLICE were forced to use road spikes on a repeat car thief who led them on a pursuit in a stolen BMW.

An Ipswich court heard Jesse Charles Chubb was returned to jail after his most recent car chase.

Jesse Charles Chubb, 29, from Goodna,  appeared in the dock of Ipswich Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to dangerous driving; unlawful use of a stolen car at Goodna in September 2018; driving when disqualified by a court order; two counts of receiving tainted property; stealing: and unlawful use of a stolen car in December 2019.

The receiving tainted property charges related to getting a set of keys for a BMW that was stolen from Clayfield in December; and receiving registration plates that were stolen in Mango Hill from another BMW.

Prosecutor Sergeant Molinaro said Chubb had six pages of criminal history and five pages of traffic offences.

She said he received a jail term of 18 months back in June 2019 for entering premises by break and stealing, and was released on immediate parole.

He reoffended in December and returned to jail in late December with a release date set for August.

Sgt Molinaro said Chubb had nine previous disqualified driving convictions and was disqualified for three years in June 2019.

Police sought a jail term between 15 and 18 months for his latest charges.

Defence barrister Bradley Munt said the unlawful use of a stolen car offence in 2018 should have been dealt with in June last year when other matters were finalised.

"It was not brought to the attention of the court at the time and I submit he would not have received any greater penalty," he said.

Mr Munt said Chubb, when released from jail in November had gone to live with his mother in the Goodna area.

He said the second unlawful use of a car offence happened last December when Chubb was "given keys to a car by a friend before Christmas so he could get home and not breach his parole with his (night) curfew ".

"Police flashed their lights at him. He did try to avoid them out of panic when their system indicated it was a stolen car.

"He concedes he was driving unlicensed at the time. He accepts the allegation of receiving stolen property".

"He has been in custody since December 21 last year. Mr Chubb is seeking a parole eligibility date as at today.

"He is 29 and was born in Auckland, New Zealand and is now an Australian citizen, growing up in the Inala area."

Magistrate Rob Turra said Chubb continued to ignore court orders.

He said his parole release on June 25 had not been sufficient to deter him from reoffending.

"The dangerous driving charge only serves to underscore the fact you should not be on the road," Mr Turra said.

"You have been disqualified a previous nine times by the courts and served actual prison (time) for disqualified driving.

"And on June 25 you got six months jail for disqualified driving.

"You were driving at times on the wrong side of the road. The police helicopter was called in to monitor your movements.

"You drove dangerously a number of times to avoid arrest although that is not a charge today. Travelling against the traffic flow along Logan Motorway narrowly avoiding a collision."

Mr Turra said Chubb did have a prospect of rehabilitation and intended to return to his work as a furniture removalist.

He said his conduct was appalling and jail was the only reasonable penalty.

Chubb was sentenced to 15 months jail for his dangerous driving; and 12 months jail (concurrent) for driving when disqualified and unlawful use of a stolen car.

He was granted eligibility to apply for parole from April 18. His licence disqualified for five years.

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