Relief from hot, sticky conditions on its way

IPSWICH residents are set for some relief from the hot and sticky conditions blanketing the region tomorrow.

While temperatures are peaking at tops of 33 today, up to six degrees cooler than this time last week, if feels a lot muggier with thick cloud cover and plenty of humidity.

 The Bureau of Meteorology is banking on a wind change and storm potential later this afternoon to reduce the humidity and bring tops down to 31 degrees tomorrow.

BOM senior forecaster Michelle Berry said Gatton had a higher chance than Ipswich of storms to hit mid to late this afternoon.

Minister for Emergency Services Mark Ryan said he was asking people right across the region to take a few moments this morning to pick up loose items around their yard, and secure larger items such as outdoor furniture.

"We've all seen before that windy thunderstorms can result in significant damage, but by taking a few simple steps before the storms hit today, people are far less likely to be affected," Minister Ryan said.

"Cleaning out gutters and trimming tree branches can also reduce the likelihood of damage if these windy storms occur."

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner Katarina Carroll reminded Queenslanders of the dangers floodwater could bring.

"If the predicted thunderstorms result in flooding in any part of Queensland later today, or any day, we're asking everyone to put safety first," Ms Carroll said.

"With the hot weather and this weekend being the last chance to take the kids for a swim before the school holidays finish, there will be lots of families planning to cool off in a natural waterway over the next few days.

"If you're planning on swimming in a creek or river please remember that during heavy rain conditions can change quickly and your local swimming hole can become dangerous in minutes.

"Have fun, but keep an eye on forecasts and be aware that rain upstream could lead to flash flooding in some cases."

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