Registering, taxing bicycles a 'dumb idea'

IT WAS interesting to read in the Courier Mail letters the varying opinions concerning cyclists.

There are many different views; some dumb ones are those calling for bicycle registration.

Bikes, like mobile phones, are often discarded when owners get sick of them.

One writer asked why riders are allowed to ride two abreast. The law states two are allowed abreast only when one cyclist is overtaking another.

I can sympathise with the truck driver who saw a bike occupying a lane while a B-double approached. I have travelled thousands of kilometres over many years and many on country roads.

At times, the road edge only allowed a few centimetres between me and passing traffic, but I'm here to tell the story.

Like any vehicle, you travel to the conditions. Except for the odd truckie, most are good drivers. Maybe bike riders need to take a closer look at their behaviour and improve their road craft.

As for registering bikes, don't we have enough taxes? Will they next want to tax fresh air?


Glen Aplin

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