Redbank Plains man pleads not guilty to nine charges

A MAN'S anger at the Victorian court system led him to allegedly send threatening messages to the Ipswich court house, a prosecutor has argued.

But a defence lawyer says it was "plain rubbish" to use this past dispute with the courts to explain why the man allegedly sent the threatening messages.

Prosecution and defence lawyers gave closing submissions in a trial on Thursday for Redbank Plains man Steven Roy Evans, 37.

Mr Evans has pleaded not guilty to nine charges including stalking and using a carriage service to threaten to kill and threaten to cause serious harm.

The prosecution alleges he was behind a series of threatening emails sent to the Ipswich courthouse in February 2013, including threats to shoot a magistrate and detonate a bomb outside the court house.

In his closing submissions at Brisbane District Court on Thursday, Crown prosecutor Dennis Kinsella said Mr Evans had had a dispute with the Victorian court system in the past.

He also said the purpose of the threatening emails sent to the Ipswich court house was to intimidate, scare and create an atmosphere of fear.

"Perhaps something a person who is not happy with the court system would in fact want to do," he said.

But defence barrister Mark Green said it was rubbish to use this history to explain Mr Evans's alleged conduct.

Mr Green said his client had been a victim of a criminal offence and explained how Mr Evans made complaints through various channels in the Victorian court system, including the chief magistrate and Prime Minister's office.

Mr Green said it was an "extraordinary leap of logic" to assume that because he made complaints and did not like the response to these complaints, that he would pick a local target and a local magistrate and start making threats.

It is alleged Mr Evans sent emails under the names of people who had previously been through the Ipswich court system.

Mr Green said the person behind the threatening emails clearly had a grievance against magistrate Virginia Sturgess and that the prosecution had not proved Mr Evans had any links to her.

Many of the emails contained threats to kill Ms Sturgess.

Judge Michael Burnett began summarising the case to the jury on Thursday afternoon. It is expected the jury will begin deliberating on Friday. - ARM NEWSDESK

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