Recovering Ipswich addict consumed $500 of ice a day

RECOVERING ice addict Jayden Wilson has been to the edge of insanity and back.

The moment he realised things needed to change, he was hiding in a public toilet at Port Douglas, fearing drug dealers from his past had found him and were going to kill him.

At the height of his addiction, the Ipswich born and bred Jayden, now 23, was consuming $500 worth of ice a day.

Even then, he struggled to comprehend that he had a problem.

Jayden's relationship with ice was relatively short and began after a relationship break-up.

He was only a user for about a year and half, but within that time his use increased rapidly and it didn't take long before he started dealing.

That decision propelled him further into the murky world; his home was broken into and robbed, and he found himself trying to encourage children to sell ice at school, purely to boost his profit.

Last year, Jayden checked himself into treatment at the Salvation Army's Moonyah rehabilitation facility in Brisbane.

Jayden's father was the one who encouraged him to face his demons.

"I had been through a relationship breakdown and I didn't have support," Jayden said.

"I didn't really know how to deal with that level of pain and I didn't know what to do.

"I was surrounded by people who were growing up and I guess focused on 'being cool' and I wanted to fit in.

"I began using and selling drugs. It gave me this sense of power I'd never had before. Suddenly I had something people wanted and they needed me."

Jayden ran into trouble when a deal went wrong and he suddenly owed people a large amount of money.

He had two choices; traffic drugs between the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, or find the money somehow.

Jayden asked his parents for the money, and they agreed but only if he went into treatment.

He was 21 at the time.

His first attempt at treatment wasn't successful and Jayden left before finishing the program.

"I can remember sitting around with friends and saying things like; I don't know what everyone is talking about with ice, you don't get addicted," Jayden said.

"People just need to see people like us and see, you can use ice and it doesn't ruin your life... but then there I was, using all the time, staying awake for two weeks at a time."

In March Jayden went back to Moonyah.

He said he wished communities talked more openly and honestly about the impact of drugs.

He still struggles with the thought of using from time to time, but pushes those feelings aside.

"It's easier when you realise life on the other side is amazing," Jayden said.

"I know we are junkies but don't judge us.

"We are broken fathers, mothers, sons and daughters and labelling us as junkies doesn't help."

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