Northsiders batsmen Shane Krings (left) and Nick Verrenkamp shared in a club record partnership on Saturday. Picture: Gary Reid
Northsiders batsmen Shane Krings (left) and Nick Verrenkamp shared in a club record partnership on Saturday. Picture: Gary Reid

Record-breaking effort sets Northsiders up for final shot

A RECORD partnership and outright victory have boosted Northsiders hopes of holding second spot and challenging for this year's Cricket Ipswich two-day grand final glory.

Fresh from a first innings win over Centrals, Northsiders enhanced their post-Christmas position with a commanding result against the Redbacks at their Raleigh Oval base.

Club president, coach and opening batsman Stephen Humphreys praised his team's latest first division effort, which featured a record 243 run stand between Nick Verrenkamp (152 not out) and Shane Krings (100 not out).

"I think that's the highest partnership in Northsiders history,'' a delighted Humphreys said.

"Not just this season but last season we've been a bit short of runs and we've been working really hard on that.''

The Tigers pair joined forces with Northsiders 3/79 chasing Redbacks' 102 first innings total.

The centurymakers took complete control with Verrenkamp smashing 16 fours and eight sixes and Krings reaching his ton with 15 fours and one six.

The first grade side's previous best unbroken third wicket partnership was 236 in a one-day game against Laidley at Bichel Oval on December 1, 2012. That was between Mick Ridgewell and Brendan Forward.

Ipswich cricket historian Wayne Jones said Saturday's effort was the fourth best fourth wicket partnership in Ipswich and West Moreton Cricket Association history.

The others were:

276 - Michael Sippel and Peter Wood in the grand final between Laidley nd Brothers at Baxter Oval on March 25, 2006;

249 - Eric Fraunfelder and Cliff Gedge, CYMS v Montes at North Ipswich Reserve on February 3, 1923;

248 - Norm Furlong and Grant Stalled, Northern Suburbs v Brothers in the grand final at Walker Oval on March 6, 1993.

"Nick's last 52 runs came off 16 balls,'' Humphreys said, giving Redbacks credit for fighting hard facing the batting onslaught.

"He was just in another world.''

Northsiders batsman Shane Krings was in commanding form, being 100 not out when his team declared. Picture: Gary Reid
Northsiders batsman Shane Krings was in commanding form, being 100 not out when his team declared. Picture: Gary Reid

"Shane is a really good weapon for us in the middle order

"A lot of teams underestimate Shane but he's a guy who has really stood up when we needed it.

"For both players to get a hundred was a really good reward for effort.''

Northsiders declared at 3/322 before dismissing Redbacks a second time for 166.

As in the first innings, the wickets were shared around with Mitch Harsant (3/22), Kev Cumming (2/36) and Dom Salton (2/38) leading the way.

Laidley also completed an outright victory over a waning Centrals at Bichel Oval.

After making just 81 in their first innings, Centrals were dismissed for 74 batting again on Saturday.

Laidley made 202 in their only opportunity to bat, setting up an innings and 47 run victory.

Brothers also posted a much needed four-wicket win in their clash with Thunder.

Humphreys said the challenge for Northsiders was to keep building on their recent progress as they eye a grand final spot.

"For us, every week it's making sure that we are ready to go,'' he said.

"The win against Centrals two weeks ago set us up for a good start to this (two-day competition) part of the season and to get an outright win against Redbacks was really, really good.

"We've worked really hard during the one-day season to lead into this.

"We're seeing things work for us now as a result of planning we put in place 18 months ago . . . the changes that we made and people that we brought in.

"I'm really happy across the whole senior group.

"For us, it's been a real group effort.''

Humphreys said Northsiders had adjusted well after losing key players like Callum Wilton (shoulder injury), Caleb Doyle and Zach Fisher (both West Moreton Anglican College duties) and Cody Dalziel (Ipswich Grammar cricket).

"They were a pretty important part of our first grade group,'' Humphreys said.

Fisher scored 130 for WestMAC on Saturday.

"We did a lot of planning for this period to be able to deal with that,'' Humphreys said.

"I'm really happy with where we are at.

"It's a good position to be in.''



Cricket Ipswich

1st Division

Redbacks v Northsiders at Raleigh Oval

Redbacks 1st Innings 102

Northsiders 1st Innings 3/322 (dec) - Nick Verrenkamp 152 not out, Shane Krings 100 not out

Redbacks 2nd Innings 166 (36 overs) - Mitch Harsant 3/22, Kev Cumming 2/36, Dom Salton 2/38

Northsiders won outright by an innings and 54 runs.


Laidley District v Central Districts at Bichel Oval

Centrals 1st Innings 81

Laidley 1st Innings (resuming at 6/127)

Ben O'Connell retired not out 61

Matthew Grassick lbw Ashton 39

Jared Adamski c Jones b Vellacott 12

Travis Ilka lbw Ashton 3

Liam Dean b Ashton 3

Craig Crack not out 1

Extras (25b 5w 1nb) 31

Total (51.4ov) 202

FoW: . . . 157, 189, 201, 202.

Bowling: Alex Dell 16/4/51/2; Lachlan Vellacott 23/3/84/2; Brendan Ashton 5.4/0/25/4; Campbell Moore 2/0/5/1; Wayne Jones 5/2/7/1.

Centrals 2nd Innings

Wayne Jones c Ilka b Emerson 1

Braydon Osborne lbw Dean 1

Lachlan Vellacott b Neuendorf 6

Caleb Risson c Ilka b Neuendorf 2

Harry Dobson lbw Neuendorf 0

Tim Weber c Ilka b Dean 39

Mick Abbott c Grassick b Welsh 5

Cameron Osborne c Emerson b Welsh 1

Tom Cupit c Ilka b Dean 2

Alex Dell c Welsh b Dean 6

Brendan Ashton not out 4

Extras (4b 1lb 2w) 7

Total (38ov) 74

FoW: 3, 5, 12, 12, 13, 52, 62, 64, 64, 74.

Bowling: Liam Dean 16/5/32/4; Terry Emerson 5/2/15/1; Shanley Neuendorf 5/2/11/3; Alex Welsh 11/8/11/3; Josh Reisenleiter 1/1/0/0.

Laidley win outright by an innings and 47 runs


Marburg/Mt Crosby Thunder vs Brothers at Marsden No.4

Thunder 1st Innings 215

Brothers 1st Innings (resuming at 2/87)

Joel Hall c ? b Coleman 88

Lachlan Bilyj c ? b Hall 73

Craig Cumming c ? b Coleman 10

Craig Mackay c ? b Hall 9

Hayden Walker c ? b T. Nugter 20

Daniel Trevorrow c ? b N. Raine 5

Paddy Towne b T. Anderson 18

Mick Conway not out 0

Extras (1b 5lb 2w)

Total (75.3ov) 264

FoW: 5, 60, 178, 194, 202, 212, 220, 231, 264, 264

Bowling: Blayde Klass 11/4/28/1; Ray Coleman 19/6/40/3; Lucas Sefont 6/1/19/0; Todd Anderson 10/2/50/2; Thomas Hall 13/1/60/2; Tobias Nugter 6/2/16/0; Josh Wendt 5/0/29/0; Nick Raine 5/1/16/1.

Thunder 2nd Innings

Josh Wendt c Walker b Conway 21

Braydon Armstrong c Cumming b Conway 20

Todd Anderson c Walker b Bilyj 3

Lee Watts c Cumming b Conway 20

Mitch Raine not out 5

Nick Raine not out 3

Extras (2b 3lb 6w) 11

Total (24ov) 4/83

FoW: 45, 52, 74, 75

Bowling: Craig Cumming 8/2/24/0; Paddy Towne 7/2/17/0; Mick Conway 5/0/33/3; Lachlan Bilyj 4/1/4/1.

Brothers win by four wickets (when passed Thunder total).

2nd Division

Thunder 9 (dec) 257 defeated outright  Brothers 45 - Scott Lavery 9 (17); Byron Yule 10.3/4/9/5, Nathan Turner 2/5 (7), Joel Mitchell 2/9 (7), Liam Harris 1/10 (5) and 86 -  Xavier Vasta 13, Scott Lavery 21, Darren Meier 23* (73); Joel Mitchell 1/25 (8), Byron Yule 2/13 (4), Nathan Turner 3/19 (7), Liam Harris 1/11 (4), Jap Singh 2/7 (5), Brenton Lehmann 1/6 (2). 

Northsiders 9 (dec) 239 defeated  Redbacks 41 - Billy Harsant 14/7/13/3, Troy Noe 5.2/1/12/2, Taylor Weier 11/9/4/3, Chris Butt 6/4/2/1 and 5/130 - Billy Harsant 1/32(12), Taylor Weier 1/34(10), Jacob Maroske 8/5/5/2, Chris Butt 1/9(4).

Laidley defeated Centrals.   

3rd Division 

Thunder 3/128 (14) - William Johnstone 38, Brendan Crossingham 35, Kyle Muller 15, William Tronc 29* def Northsiders 124 (27) - Tom Brett 2/50 (8), Dallas Klass 1/21 (3), William Johnstone 4/20 (5), Carl Sefont 1/8 (2).  Laidley 257 - Craig Jesberg 67, Matthew Caswell 20, Brendan Breuer 42, Andrew Luck 33, James Wilson 32 defeated  Strollers Blue 244 -  Brendan Breuer 2w, Andrew Luck 3w, Ky Litzow 2w, Matthew Caswell 2w.

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