TRY-SCORING THREAT: Former Ipswich Jets player Donald Malone in his trademark position setting up attack. Picture: William Jerads
TRY-SCORING THREAT: Former Ipswich Jets player Donald Malone in his trademark position setting up attack. Picture: William Jerads

Recalling when Ipswich field was ‘a graveyard’


THE Intrust Super Cup has been shut down for 2020, with the threat of Covid-19 too much of a risk.

The Queensland Rugby League has suspended Intrust Super Cup, Colts and Mal Meninga competition until 2021.

Jets chairman Steve Johnson was optimistic about what the decision meant for the Ipswich club.

"We are a planning club," Johnson said. "We planned for the worst and hoped for the best months ago.

"It's certainly disappointing but come 2021 season the Jets will be back and ready to go.

"This represents a chance to go away and action plans and refocus what we do, then come back ready for 2021."

Remember that game?

JETS v Pride, Round 12, 2012.

I AM surprised I lasted this long without watching the Jets, but I couldn't hold out any longer.

I delved into the old DVD's and had a look at Jets games before speaking to some of the players.

The Pride haven't won in Ipswich since 2009 and it's pouring all week. The field has puddles all over it.

Pride are in fifth spot and Jets in seventh. It's the middle of the season.

Pride would miss the finals for the first time while the Jets would fight on and finish fifth, losing to Norths the first week of the finals.

Pride premiership coach Dave Maiden is now working for the QRL as Competitions Manager but he didn't fondly remember his trips to Ipswich.

"North Ipswich was a graveyard for the Pride in my time coaching,'' Maiden said.

This game started well for the Pride. Maido would have been filled with optimism.

Pride get a penalty and from there Scott Bolton steps and offloads to Luke Saunders who scores. Pride 6-0.


Donald Malone sets up a try for the Jets.
Donald Malone sets up a try for the Jets.

Jets answer back on the left and go through the hands to Donald Malone. Ian Lacey gets "Duck" one-on-one and you might as well put four points up on the board when that happens.

Not long later, the Jets go left again and Duck gets Jarrod McInally some space. Off the next ruck Lacey rolls it in and Jets get a repeat set.

Ben and Shane Walker make a change. Matt Parcell comes off the bench on debut.

Matty Parcell watched one of his first scoots from dummy half with me.

"I should have scored there, I definitely got faster,'' Parcell laughed from England.

The game continues with Jets fullback Javarn White on the left hand side off the left foot and scores and the Jets are in the lead 10-6 after 15 minutes.

It's hard to believe the Jets go left again to find Malone.


Malone again, gives McInally a try - his fifth in two weeks - after getting four the week before. At halftime the Jets are winning 14-6.

It takes 10 minutes into the half before the wily old fox Brendon Lindsay goes to the air and the Pride come down with nothing. That man Malone is in the game again and gets his second try by pushing Pride players out of the way to score the left hand corner.

Jets take the lead 20-6.

Pride and future Cowboy Blake Leary bounces over from the Pride's first set and gives the Pride a chance at 20-10 with 25 to go.

Jets didn't get up off the line quick enough that set and Leary is too strong.

Jets aren't done with yet and second rower Sam Martin scores his second Intrust Super Cup try staying outside Brendon Lindsay. Martin retired with 26 tries so he has a few more to go

Lindsay pass to find Martin was a thing of beauty in precision and timing. Jets are running away with it now 24-10.

Martin recalled the game.

"I remember just following Brendon Lindsay on the right hand side,'' he said.

Lacey, Malone, McInally combine again for "Macca's" second try. I forgot what a dream it was to be a winger outside Malone.

Jets 28-10 with 10 minutes to go.

It's a Brendon Lindsay kicking masterclass. Lindsay pops it over the top of the Pride's defence and Ramon Filipine scores in the corner.

The game ends with the Martin and Lindsay combination on the right. It could have been Cliff Lyons and Steve Menzies. Martin dives over and Jets have a big win

"I don't smoke and Sam Martin wasn't fast so not sure we are Lyons and Menzies,'' Jets number six Lindsay recalled.

The Jets had a 34-10 win at home.


Trainer Steve Hooper.
Trainer Steve Hooper.


Strange fitness days

STRENGTH and conditioning staff in the NRL are facing some strange hard days.

When the season will start and how long they will have to get players ready are two key questions.

Wests Tigers Strength and Conditioner and former Jet Steve Hooper is fighting a battle.

"We are giving out gym equipment so they can train at home,'' Hooper said.

"Also giving out programs and trusting in their professionalism.

"They are all really keen and want to stay as fit as possible.

"Everyone is planning for a mini pre-season prior to starting up again. We just don't know when that will be."

Cooper's stat

NAT Neale needs four more games to have the third most games for the Jets.

Neale is currently on 151 and Brendon Marshall on 154.

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