OPINION: Real comments from real people are welcome

WE have asked many questions to our Facebook followers over the years, but I have to admit there have been some questions we should have asked a long time ago.

This week we asked our followers to answer the question "If I was mayor for a day".

The question prompted some great responses which we decided to also use on this page.

I particularly liked the following from Michelle Johnstone.

Her response was:

"Give each of the people that sit on Facebook all day and whinge about how bad Ipswich is a job so then, quite obviously, the place would be perfect!

"These people obviously know a lot more about development, finance and the running of a town with a population the size of Ipswich than anyone else!

She is so right, many who put comments on websites do so to have a bitch rather than to offer alternatives and constructive comment.

This paper moved away two years ago from allowing anonymous people in darkened bedrooms from voicing their rants in print.

It would be wonderful if we could now get more positivity into the world of online, but I'm afraid that only happens when we have a tragedy.

Most just use their poison pens to try and damage the reputations of hard working citizens.

I can't image going through life filled with this type of hatred.

The words "get a life" come to mind.

FILL IN THE BLANK: If I was the mayor of Ipswich for a day, I would __________.

Posted by QT - The Queensland Times on Friday, February 5, 2016

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