QT readers support new 'no jab no play' vaccine rules

CHILDCARE centres will have the right to exclude unvaccinated children from enrolling from January 1 next year after legislation was passed in Queensland on Friday.

It will be up to the centres to decide whether or not to accept children without vaccinations, a response to danger posed by those who oppose vaccinations in children.

The "no jab no play" rules were supported by both the ruling Labor Party and LNP Opposition on Friday night.

Most readers welcomed the new laws, saying it was "about time".

Kazzie Macpherson said it was the best news she had heard all week. "Should have had this years ago," she said.

Tamara Cannon said "This is how it should be."

Julie Ann said "Prevention is the best medicine."

Vera Vez Gibson: "About time they started looking out for our most precious gifts in life and if you don't want to do the right by all children go see what your stupidity does to them."

Chantele Murren: "And let the anti-vaxers begin their tirades of 'how unfair' and blah blah blah. About time."

Yvonne Foden said she totally agreed. "Why put other children's lives at risk because of people who don't want their children vaccinated," she said. "They are putting their own children at risk also."

Jenni Webber said the laws created a business opportunity for someone to open a string of childcare centres that catered solely to unvaccinated kids. But added: "Hope they don't go out of business due to an epidemic."

Rachael Donaldson said the "no jab no play" rules should be extended to primary schools. "Fantastic news," she said. "What is the law for primary school?"

Darin Preston said he loved the comments on this story. "To be honest, I thought there would be more idiots. Gives me more faith in our school system."

However Pamela Close said it was "bullying in the highest degree". "Will they supply a list of all the ingredients in a vaccination? I doubt it. Why would I pump poison into my child?"

Brigit Green said she felt for those with genuine concerns.

"I hope they understand this situation is not the result of those who do vaccinate, rather the consequences of those who repeat proven hoaxes and cruelly fool parents who genuinely think they are doing the right thing."

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