Ipswich Councillor Paul Tully says the latest drowning tragedy at Aqua Lakes should be the catalyst for action to stop further incidents.

Cr Tully says the lakes are a magnet for young people in summer.

"Aqua Lake was the scene of a similar drowning tragedy earlier this year and these accidents will continue while the lakes remain easily accessible to the public," he said.

"Aqua Lake and Blue Lake need to be filled with solid waste from construction sites around southeast Queensland.

"Developers are frequently looking for disposal sites and these two former open cut mines would be ideal locations which could be made available free of charge to the development industry."

What do you think about this? Here's what you said on Facebook:

Rob Maddox - "Sad. I swam there as a kid and many others also. Never heard of deaths back then so why now? It can't be filled that easily either, fence it and kids will cut it. Responsibility should come back to the person swimming. While at the Grand Canyon a few years back I asked the tour guide what happens when someone falls in cause they're too close to the edge. His reply was 'nothing' responsibility is on the tourist and you can't sue for stupidity in America he stated."

Harley-jean Gordon - "Putting up cameras for prosecution will be cheaper than filling it, or people could just stay out of private property. It's absolutely disgusting there anyway. I don't know why anybody would choose to go swimming there!"

Rick Greinke - "It's tragic. But, if you shouldn't be there, you shouldn't be there! Simple! What's next Tully? Fence off the Bremer River? You can't protect people from themselves."

Naomi Viney - "Electric fences should do the trick if people are too stupid to heed the signs."

Sam Mclellan - "Actually it can't be filled in, it fills naturally & the water is too contaminated to pump off elsewhere so it's about time people learned to stay away from places they shouldn't be. These men, not children, but men aged in their early 20's would be fully aware of the risks involved by being in a place they should not be in the first place. People need to be held accountable for their own choices."

Regan Bow - "There was a minning company who wanted to take all the coal pillars out of the old under ground mine and rehabilitate that area so it could be developed but the council said no more mining. Would have taken about three years. Would have fixed most of those holes. So the council can blame themselves."

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