Readers let us know how their Christmas shopping is going

WE asked: where are you at with your Christmas shopping?

  • A) Haven't started yet
  • B) Half way through
  • C) Done, dusted, all wrapped and under the tree

The response was a flood, with plenty of you in all three situations.

Whether you're A, B, or C, we're giving away 6 $1000 EFTPOS cards to make your Christmas easier.

The competition closes this Wednesday, so click here and enter

Theresa Jansen 99% wrapped and under the tree. I'm a pensioner so I start buying things in about October, one or two presents per pension payment. Although we have our daughter's birthday in 22nd

Helen Garrett A) no time

Chloe Ruth Bell B. Still got a heap to do and won't be able to do it till 23rd. So shopping will be hectic. Even most of my food shopping has to wait till then. A 1000 bucks would make it worth the while though ;)

Deanne ONeill Halfway through..... money isn't coming as quick as christmas!!! :O

Tiffany Holt Shopping done and dusted.. Wrapping when hubby gets home from work to give me a hand!

Amy Brydon B there aren't enough pay days before christmas :D

Dannielle Phillips B half way through still on lay-by so the little one don't see the presents

Sharna Mercer I am done, just waiting until it's closer to Christmas to wrap presents.

Kristy Barker Done and even mostly given (early Christmas due to work and holidays in our house) B)

Vicki Barden Done and dusted ...but not under the tree....I have a very curious 7 year old in the house who likes to feel the prezzies a lot lol :p

Peitta Annette Done and dusted stashed away safely until German christmas eve :D

Irene Wellings A Haven't started yet.

Millisa Solly Half way done...i think, always crazy busy and December just comes so fast

Margy N Henry Lowe Done but packed inside the closets unwrapped LOL!

Julie-Anne Pashley 3/4s done. Gifts sent to my middle child and her family at the Sunshine Coast. 4 more to buy but I already know what I'm buying and where to buy in Ipswich. I'm keeping my purchasers local! #iloveipswichqld

Chris Eggins C) Done and dusted. Wrapped and under the tree.I started boxing day last year and finished in October.

Charles Xavier All done and wrapped under the tree. Has been since the 1st of December. Might not be what they want but will get what they need.

Laurel Finley A. All I want for Xmas is a big Tent we can call home .........

Kylie Shelley Half way through. Still got a lot of wrapping to do.

Marie Weston B. Long way to go And Such a short amount of time to do it all in AGGHH the year has gone way to FAST for me

Amanda Moras B - anyone can feel free to finish it for me too, 11 days straight of work until Christmas Day is going to say it'll be intense :(

Samantha Charlotte Kroehnert Haven't started yet ! But I have two of my babies birthdays either side and I've done them ! Does that count haha :D

Tiffany Wear Christmas is on lay by for 7 kids (4 my own and 3 step children), fingers crossed we get the lay by out soon. Finances be kind pls :)

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