Reader questions library decision to dispose of 50,000 books

TO the Mayor and Councillors of Ipswich,

I am proud to be part of Ipswich and the work that both council and the councillors put into the community, however, it has come to my attention that the Ipswich Library will be discontinuing its offsite collection and disposing of 50,000 books.

I have it on authority that these books are being discarded and, while I was given this information in the strictest of confidence, I could not sit idly by and watch this appalling misallocation of resources unfold.

Naturally, you can imagine my utter disgust at such an irresponsible and unsustainable act considering the off-site facility has only been established within the last five years.

Some of the titles in the off-site collection are published between 2015-2016, which begs the question: why are new and upcoming resources being thrown out at the expense of rate payers?

According to the library catalogue, 21 new items have been purchased and placed in the off-site collection within the last seven days.

Not only is council getting rid of the existing collection, but they have the audicity to continue adding to the collection knowing that it will be discontinued.

I am also aware that the Council has approved plans to open branches at Springfield and Rosewood in the near future, which points once more to the wastefulness of Ipswich City Council.

The population of Ipswich is ever increasing and so too is the popularity and usage of library resources, as evidenced in the statistics released in the yearly budgets.

As a rate payer I am shocked to learn that the council would approve plans to discard recently purchased books.

The cost of purchasing items for the collection and setting up of off-site storage has therefore been a waste of rate payers' money.

In this economical climate we cannot afford to be so negligent; I am therefore seeking an official response to the following:

When were you made aware of the decision to dispose the 50,000 books in the off-site collection?

Do you agree with and support this decision?

To the above - If yes, could you explain why? If no, what are you planning on doing about it?

As a resident and proud supporter of Ipswich, I take great pride in the many wonderful achievements of Ipswich City Council.



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